5 Father’s Day Ideas for 5 Types of Dads

Jason Dawson 2/09/2015

Dads come in all shapes and sizes and they’re all different but they find their own unique ways to be embarrassing, which (if we’re honest) is why we love them. With Father’s Day approaching (don’t forget: 6th September guys!) we’ve got gift ideas for the five most common types of dads in the office! Feel free to comment below with what kind of dad you have and what you’ll be getting him for father’s day!

1. The Adventurous Dad
The inner child of adventurous dads lives well and strong; refusing to slow down he embraces life and takes any opportunity to explore. As Father’s Day approaches he is itching for the weekend camping trip, fishing expedition or the opportunity to try out his new binoculars. Give your dad a weekend of your time and get away from the modern world to escape into an adventure of your own. Good luck!

2. The Chef Dad
Every dad has his signature dish. Whether it’s his Spaghetti Bolognaise or his Kale Breakfast Smoothie he’ll stand by it and probably feed it to anyone who stands still long enough. The Chef Dad finds his release in the creation of culinary pieces of art. He doesn’t mind putting an apron on and enjoys spending hours in the kitchen. So really whatever you get him is going to be a present for yourself just as much because it’ll probably inspire new cooking masterpieces for you to eat!

3. The Tech-Savvy Dad
Let’s be honest: the Tech-Savvy Dad is a bit of a nerd. He breaks the stereotype of his generation and is determined to stay up to date with all the hip new trends. The Tech-Savvy Dad loves to show off his new gadgets, whether it’s his robotic vacuum, his car GPS or even his metal detector. Give your dad a new toy this Father’s Day, and try to look interested when he gets into the technical specs you probably didn’t even read.

4. The Fashionable Dad
Much like The Tech-Savvy Dad: The Fashionable Dad likes to stay up to date with the trends. He takes pride in his style, likes looking his best and may have even tried to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans. Help your dad step out in style this Father’s Day wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing with a new piece for his collection.

5. The Handyman Dad
The Handyman Dad isn’t sure about The Fashionable Dad. He’s old school and prefers to “get stuff done”. His weekends involve the smell of freshly cut lawn and opening the tool box to work on projects; he doesn’t shy away from a chance to attend a working bee. As Father’s Day approaches see if you can figure out what tool is missing from his shed or what he might need for his next upcoming project so you can get it for him before he even knows he needs it!

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