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5 Inexpensive Bedroom Decor Pieces That You Need

Coleen Paller 23/09/2016


(Top Left: Chester King Bed Frame in Grey, Bottom Left: Black Wire Diamond Cage Industrial Pendant Light, Bottom Middle: Brooklyn Tasmanian Oak Veneer Bedside Table, Right: Bohemian Outdoor Hanging Hammock Chair in Charcoal)


When it comes to designing our bedrooms, we can get conflicted very easily. This is understandable, as your bedroom is supposed to be the most personal and comfortable area of your house. It can also be a very private area, so when you do go in there at any time of day it should look and feel like a part of you. As the old adage goes, the bedroom does reflect the person and the personality.

But once you’re past deciding that you want to decorate your room, the next part is where most people get stuck. What décor should you get? There are many options but you don’t want to have an uncoordinated room, or one that is too empty or overcrowded. There seems to be a fine line between everything – but there is a clear way to go about it.

Here are all the elements that can be the core décor pieces of your room. If you pick these in your aesthetic style and in accordance to a color theme, then decorating your room would become an easy breeze.


1. Fancy Bed Heads

It definitely seems like the stuff of movies, but definitely you can make your room simply grand with the right bed head. It is all about size and design, if you have a very large room, you can get away with a towering head, but if your room is smaller then it should be shorter. The most classic look that suits almost anything is a Chesterfield pattern, which basically mimics timeless, vintage furniture surfaces. You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars when you’re browsing bed heads for sale, there are many online stores that offer heavily reduced prices.

Make sure it matches the size of your bed frame, even if it is not the main focus. If you haven’t gotten one, you can get affordable bedframes online and in furniture stores to compliment your bed head.


2. Hanging Lights

If you want to give your room an amazing atmosphere, don’t just rely on your ceiling light and lamp. Create a comfy nook in the corner or simply on your bed by arranging hanging lights against a wall or a corner. Not only do they give a positive but ambient light, but they are easy to move and decorate. You can even attach photos and trinkets to the wires to add more to the overall look of the area. The possibilities are endless.


3. Matching Cushions

When it comes to your bed, designing it is a lot easier than you think. But, it is also quite important as your bed can easily draw anyone’s gaze to it because it is usually at the center of your room and takes up a lot of space. Once you have your preferred set of sheets, garnish the whole look of your bed by getting the matching cushions that go with your set. An alternative would be to purchase small cushions, two is a good amount, in a similar shade or in a complimentary color to the sheets. Lay them all on top of a comfy mattress topper like a bamboo mattress topper so that the sheets will look a little fluffier and would be soft to sit and lay on.


4. A Set Of Matching Picture Frames

Possibly the most versatile of bedroom décor you can have, a set of matching picture frames works so well as you can put almost any picture or artwork in there, as long as they match. The ideal number is three, three identical frames that hold visually similar pictures or separated parts of the same one image. You can place them on almost any table in the room, a white bedside table is the most neutral color that will suit almost any type of frame and picture. Otherwise, you can also hang them on any wall that has plenty of blank space.


5. Rugs

Most people don’t really think about getting a rug when they first decorate their bedroom. This piece can work in two ways, it can provide a soft surface for you to spoil your feet when you first get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night. With the right design and color that you prefer it becomes a complimentary piece of décor and can wrap up the whole look of your room. The size of the rug that you get also depends on your room size; the larger your room is, the more allowance you have when it comes to rug space.


The daunting quality of bedroom decorating shouldn’t stop you from making your bedroom into the best it could possibly be. Keep these elements in mind and have them at the top of your bedroom décor list. Once you have them in your preferred aesthetic- the core of your bedroom décoration is basically complete!

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