5 Simple Life Hacks Anyone Can Manage

Coleen Paller 5/07/2016

It sounds so cliche, doesn’t it? But really, it isn’t.

Usually when we buy things around the house and the workplace, we care about price and convenience more than comfort. There are certain things in life that are worth truly investing in as the payback in comfort is several fold.

And no it’s not some pseudoscience way of thinking or a training program. The idea is to simply replace or have certain things that can provide immense comfort or serve you in so many ways and situations, and therefore save you time and inconvenience. Have you thought about making these changes to your lifestyle?


Change Your Mattress

No matter what you do during the day, at the end of it all you will always return to your bed. For many people, it is the only space where they can relax and recharge after immensely busy days. A mattress that is very comfortable (memory foam, anyone?) for you, no matter its price is actually priceless, as you can never measure the value of sleep in our increasingly busy lives.


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Buy Comfortable Shoes

If you happen to be a shoe aficionado this might prove to be a little difficult, but hear me out. Comfortable shoes that lessen the strain on your feet will not only ensure your foot is in better shape after many years but also lessens your discomfort through the day. If you really can’t help but buy shoes for style and aesthetic, at least buy cushion or gel soles for every pair so you can be sure you are cushioned and supported properly.


Swap Your Office Chair

For those who spend many work hours at an office, it is vital to minimise the strain on your back and arms. Change to an ergonomic office chair to give your back some relief and suddenly long tasks in your office will feel less stressful and uncomfortable. You’re also doing your back a favor in the long run.


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Carry Wipes/Disinfecting Alcohol

Whether you’re out to eat or basically..anywhere, you never know when you will have a spill, encounter something dirty or may even suffer from a small wound. Bring antibacterial wipes, gel or even a small bottle of disinfecting alcohol to wipe away any accidents and keep surfaces (and yourself) clean.


Invest In A Key Finder

As if everyone has an easy time finding their keys! Save yourself plenty of time from searching by purchasing a key finder attachment to your keys so you can find them whenever. Now, key finders don’t even need a remote or alarm, the latest key finders can be attached to smartphone apps so you can track it from there.


Nowadays, our lives only seem to be getting more stressful and we owe it to ourselves to take back some of our time and make ourselves more comfortable dealing with it all. We definitely deserve it.

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