5 Tips To Ensure You're Glamping Like A Pro

Sheridan Hessing 23/02/2016

Glamping is the newest and most comfortable way to experience the great outdoors. No longer does camping have to be cold, cramped or boring, because you can cater your very own glamping experience to cater to all your tastes. You can indulge in the finer things in life from the comfort of your very own tent! To make your glamping experience as authentic as possible, and make sure you squeeze every last drop out of the experience, follow these 5 tips across your trip.

Cozy, lazy spots

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Camping isn’t always a restful, peaceful experience, but glamping is! Deck out your campsite (or just a select corner of it) in pillows, blankets and hammocks to make your very own zen zone. The classic ute tub bed is a an easy fix, or you could set up a few hammocks between trees. A tent designated just for soft furnishings isn’t a bad idea either!

Tech it all the way up

Sure you might be outside, but when you’re glamping you should still having access to modern conveniences. Bring battery, solar or gas powered tech devices makes sure you aren’t left wanting for something you left behind in your bedroom! Battery powered speakers and sound systems, gas heaters, hot water boilers, outdoor pizza ovens, you name it! And if you’re looking to really enjoy all the benefits of a fully-fledged household, bring a generator along, so you can power just about anything!

Get gourmet 

Did you really eat a gourmet meal if you didn’t take a picture of it? Besides that, did you really go glamping if you only ate boring rehydrated food? Make the most of being on holidays and create a spectacular feast for every meal of the day! Eggs benedict for breakfast, handmade sushi for lunch and a full on roast for dinner? Um, yes please!

It’s all about the aesthetics

To really feel like you’re in the midst of a glamping experience, make your camp site the ultimate beautiful get away! Put a little thought into how you can decorate your area before you leave. Fairy lights can give a magical feel to a night spent at camp, and easy fixes like colourful throw rugs, candles and dreamcatchers are the small touches that differentiate glamping from regular camping.

Think outside the camping box

Glamping is all about taking the indoors outdoors, and creating a camping experience that’s unlike any other. Making it your own personal version of home away from home is the best way to get an awesome experience! Not camping anywhere near water? Why not bring a blow-up pool? Planning on having a camp site party? No one said you couldn’t bring disco lights!

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