5 Ways To Communicate Confidence

Brooke Lindsay 9/03/2016

It can be hard to communicate confidence when you’re nervous. Don’t let your nerves take over, follow these steps to communicate your confidence.

We’ve all been there. Going to a job interview or into a big meeting. With all eyes on you; there’s nothing worse. Especially, when you can’t think of what you want to say, so you start going red all over! We can’t have this because there’s nothing more empowering than displaying confidence; even if you’re not.

1. Keep eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is crucial. As soon as you start to look down at your lap or out the window, you’ll lose their attention. Holding someone’s gaze communicates that you’re in control and you’re confident in what you’re saying.

2. Practice good posture

Whether you’re sitting or standing, practice good posture. Whatever you do, don’t slouch! Square your shoulders and lean forward to show you’re interested in what’s being communicated to you.

Work on holding your head high, lift your chin and pay attention to the discussion topic. By pulling your shoulders back and practising you ‘power pose’ you’ll exude power and confidence!

3. Stop fidgeting

Just don’t do it! Tapping your foot or your pen on the table, can make you seem impatient. Sit still and stay engaged in conversion. By biting your nails or playing with your jewellery you not only seem unsure about yourself but also uninterested. It you have to, sit on your hands.

4. Slow down

When we get nervous, we tend to either shut down or go into action mode! Try to avoid speeding up your speech. Pace yourself and don’t try to say too much, too fast.

Rambling, misspeaking or stumbling over your words is a sure-fire way to show your anxious. Sometimes the best way to slow down and relax is to feel that you’re among your friends.

5. Get involved

Be involved at work. Go to work functions, sit with people at lunch and have meaningful conversations with your coworkers. Let a coworker know you thought the funny email they sent around was funny. Encourage each other and new ideas.

Remember that everyone gets nervous. This will not only make you feel more confident around your co workers but they’ll be more likely to back you when you need it.

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