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6 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips From Our Aussie Experts

MyDeal Team 25/10/2016

The spring time is arriving at a quicker rate than what we expect. If we’re not down with the hay fever then it is easier to enjoy the amazing, warming weather. You can even get a few things done around your home that we normally wouldn’t be bothered to during the winter. When it comes to spring cleaning the challenge seems to be the sheer size of the task, but there are ways to work around that overwhelming feeling.

Take it from our household experts, we have a few tips to help you tackle that spring cleaning, so your house would be sparkling before the summer even starts!

1. Do it as soon as you get the energy. - Evakool

“The quicker you can get it done, the quicker you can relax so get stuck in, preferably with a cold beverage from your Evakool icebox and it will be done in no time!”

About Evakool

Evakool is Australia’s largest manufacturer of 12 volt portable refrigerators as well as Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of fibreglass and polyethylene iceboxes. Established in 1994, Evakool set out with the vision to provide fridges & iceboxes to suit Australia’s harsh conditions and outdoor lifestyle. From humble beginnings as a fibreglass icebox manufacturer, Evakool portable fridge/freezers and iceboxes are now sold in over 750 retailers Australia-wide. Whether you love camping, fishing, boating, off-roading or even just being outdoors, Evakool has a portable cooling solution to suit your needs.

2. Open every window. - James Studds, Founder of Studds

About Studds

Studds produces Road bikes, Mountain bikes and vintage bikes with shipping Australia-wide.

3. Do a ‘spring clean’ on your exercise habits as well. - Fitness Deals

“Spring cleaning isn’t just for closets – it’s also the perfect time to spring clean your workout routine! Kick-start your new fitness lifestyle from the comfort of your home with a brand new treadmill, elliptical, home gym, or exercise bike.”

About Fitness Deals Online

Fitness Deals Online is an Australian owned and family-run fitness equipment retailer trusted by thousands of customers nationwide. They sell treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, home gyms, trampolines, and table tennis tables. They stock the best brands including NordicTrack, ProForm, Spirit, Inspire, Vuly, STIGA, and much more.

What really makes them different is that they tailor their business to what their customers want and need - reliable quality products, easy and convenient online ordering, fast and free delivery, and great customer service.

4. Music makes spring cleaning go faster. – Nayan Kumar, Operations Manager of Skytech

About Skytech Innovation

Skytech Innovation is your No.1 source for new-age electronics.

They like to explore futuristic technologies and make it readily available to our local Australian customers. Their product range includes Camera gimbals (digital stabilizers), UAVs (Drones) and Self-balancing transport devices. They also provide a wide range of services if you already have a gimbal or drone.

Because they are electrical engineers, they are confident in providing excellent service and support with these pioneering areas of latest technologies.


5. Consider usage frequency when cleaning and tidying your home. - Apartment Lifestyle

“Anything used frequently should take up the most easily accessible places in the home (e.g. a reasonable spoons, forks and knives in the kitchen) while the items you use less frequently (for example suitcases) can be stowed away at the back of closets or laundries. You can even fill suitcases before stowing them away!”

About Apartment Lifestyle

Apartment Lifestyle is an online furniture store aiming to design and stock stylish modern furniture that fits and functions perfectly in smaller spaces. They focus on helping Australians make the most of precious space in their homes!


6. Find a way to make money from your unwanted items. - Panatech

“There are heaps of weekend markets on trend now or simply use an auction site online to sell what you no longer wish to keep. This will allow you to have more money on the side to make some new shopping with MyDeal!”

About Panatech

Panatech have been trading for over 25 years in Australia delivering the best value home electronics and other home and living appliances in both retail shopfronts and online retail platforms. They offer a product range over 10,000 items, consisting of the latest technology and most trusted international brands. All at amazing genuine savings of up to 80% off recommended retail price. They are the main nationwide supplier to many local Australian retailers. They are also partners of many large online retail giants in both Australia and New Zealand. This creates large buying power for them to obtain the lowest cost on goods.


Keep these in tips in mind once you feel like you’re ready for a spring cleaning session for your home or garden. Or even if you don’t feel ready, sometimes the energy and motivation simply comes from just getting into it abruptly! Experiment with these types and find what works for you. Let us know what your spring cleaning tips are.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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