6 Hacks to Keep Your House Clean: Written By a Lazy Person for a Lazy Person

Victoria Zorin 28/09/2015

As a current lazy person, I understand the pain of returning home after work and feeling like I have just walked into a former bomb site. The kitchen has last night’s dished piled up in the sink and leftovers on the table. Somehow my clothes have ended up on the floor; all over the bedroom floor and somehow at the front door. After a long day I am too tired to clean and instead ignore the situation by going to bed. The cycle continues until the mess becomes unbearable and you end up cleaning for 8 hours on a Saturday. If you are also not a neat freak like myself you will recognise this pattern of behaviour. Luckily, I have discovered some (extreme) hacks that will keep your house clean with little effort.

1. Cover Your Plates With Foil

If this sounds extreme that is because it is. On days where I am extremely tired and I know I won’t have a moment to clean the dishes I cover them with foil. In my experience 3 layers of foil should be good enough to keep the plate or bowl underneath clean. After you have eaten throw out the foil and voila! No dishes to clean except forks and knives. If you’re too lazy to even do that, you can opt for paper plates and plastic forks. Buy discounted paper plate packs to last you a life time. You will never do the dishes again.

2. Have a Designated at Home Outfit

Save the effort of putting your clothes away and washing by purchasing an outfit you will specifically wear at home. If you have one outfit it is less likely that there will be clothes lying all over your bedroom floor. If you are not planning on seeing people then it should not matter how you look at home.

3. Eat Outside

The best way to avoid accumulating any crumbs in your house is to simply eat outside. If you drop any food it will disintegrate naturally and you won’t have to worry.

4. Cover Your Make Up Table with a Paper Towel

We all know that makeup will stain everything and anything. It is easy to avoid cleaning makeup residue until it all piles up. If you put a paper towel down you can scrunch it up after you have put your makeup on and the entire surface will be clean. No need to use detergent again!

5. Use Cleaning Wipes instead of Detergent and a Sponge

You can purchase baby wipes or special appliance wipes from most supermarkets. After you have eaten or used any surface, wipe it down twice. It should only take you five seconds and it will prevent a mess from forming.

6. Get A Robot Vacuum to Do All Your Cleaning

It is fair to say the world we live in today is great. The development of technology has enabled us to build self-regulating vacuums that can see rubbish and pick it up. They can also see walls so you can leave it on for an hour and let it do all the cleaning. You will never have to vacuum again!

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