6 Hacks to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Coleen Paller 4/07/2016

Though we don’t think much about it, we rely on our smartphones so much more than we did years ago. The power of the iPhone only seems to grow- we use it to pay, navigate, play, communicate, read, and so much more. While the amount of activities we do on our iPhones are increasing, it doesn’t feel as if the battery life is keeping up with us anymore. Whether new or refurbished iPhones, they all need more battery life to meet that demand.

For very busy people who don’t happen to have the convenience of being near a power outlet to charge their phone all day, there’s still hope. It’s all about knowing how to use your iPhone properly and pairing it with the right accessories so it will last you longer.


1. Use Power Banks

Portable energy banks are the new man’s best friend (alongside dogs, of course). Not only do they offer an extra ‘life’ for your phone as you can plug them in anytime at any place without much of a fuss so you can recharge. They don’t always have to big and bulky, there are smaller bars and even cases that act as a battery pack while plugged to the bottom of your iPhone.


2. Switch To Low Battery Mode

Don’t fear the low battery mode of your iPhone. The differences between low battery mode and normal mode is mainly that your phone downloads less information, such as emails and news feed updates, so you’re using less data and energy. Turn it on from the moment you can, and watch as your phone lasts about a third longer than it normally would.


3. Download An App Manager

Many app managers are apps that automatically close apps you have stopped using after a certain amount of time. Plenty of people don’t have the time (or will) to close apps and go through the activity screen, so these app managers can definitely do it for you, and they’re mostly free.


4. Use Earphone Controls

Most don’t realise that when you browse or change music through using your small mic/volume console, you’re saving yourself some battery usage as you are minimising the use of your screen. Much of battery usage comes from the light and controls on the screen.


5. Change Brightness Settings

If you can, tone down your brightness, or at least set it to Auto-Brightness. Excessive phone light, especially ones as strong and bright as the iPhone light at full capacity, can actually damage your eyes. Save your eyes the hassle and your phone the energy by toning it down.


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6. Switch To Airplane Mode

To truly conserve energy, limit your phone's actions through switching to Airplane Mode. This inhibits your Wi-Fi/Mobile data downloads completely, which takes away a large chunk of your phone's activities. You can trust your phone will last nearly twice as long.

These days, we need all the power we can get as our phones are literally a critical part of our lives and work. Or both. The saying used to be ‘Power to the People’- but now it’s ‘Power to the Phones’!

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