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6 Ways to Exercise During the Day (without knowing it!)

Brooke Lindsay 10/02/2016



In today’s fast paced world it can seem near impossible to find the time to exercise, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t! We have to make time to fit in exercise is our daily lives but this doesn’t have to mean spending hard earned money on a gym membership or personal trainer. We can accomplish health and fitness it just means being determined and organised.

They say exercising for up to an hour a day halves the risk of heart failure, so if you’re adamant you don’t have time to exercise then you better find other ways to fit fitness into your day. Here’s how to exercise throughout the day without even realising it!

1. Organisation

You’re not going to take the stairs over the elevator if you’re late for school or a meeting at work. So be sure to give yourself that extra 15-20 minutes every morning to park further away from your destination, take the stairs or better yet ride or walk to work!

2. Ride

Get up 15 minutes earlier and ride to work. Not only will you be saving on petrol, wear and tear of your car as well as helping the environment, you’ll be setting yourself up for a more productive day. How much difference is that 15 minutes of sleep going to make to your day? The answer is very little, but that 15 minute walk is going to get your blood flowing and your creative juices flowing for work.

3. Posture

Practise good posture at your desk. Sit up straight ensuring your neck and back are in line. Place your feet flat on the floor and activate your muscles, especially your abs so that your back isn’t taking all the load.

4. Stretch

Get up from your desk every couple of hours and stretch your legs. If you have a 30 minute lunch break, why not dedicate 10-15 minutes to walking up the street and back. This will also prevent you from going to sleep at your desk.

5. Clean

Cleaning is a great way to burn calories and if you're in the mood why not get your Mrs. Doubtfire on? Get some music going, have a dance and get your chores done!

6. Play

If you have kids, go outside and play with them! Jump on the trampoline, ride your bikes, walk to the park and have fun. Not only is this great exercise, you’re also spending time with the people who need it most.

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