7 Essentials To Have In The Event Of A Blackout

Zaina Parekh 6/10/2016

Power cuts and blackouts never come with a warning, but when they happen they cause the most amount of inconvenience. Hence, it is essential that we are always prepared for them when they do come.

Here are a few essentials to stock up on beforehand so you don’t get caught off guard.


#1. Flashlights And Batteries

This seems obvious, but many a time we tend to forget the obvious. Keep a small flashlight in the top drawer of every room so it’s easy to find no matter where you are. Once you have the flashlight you can go ahead and find any other tool or equipment that may help you.


#2. Candles And Matches

Candles can be used in case of a longer blackout. Light a few and place them in different corners of the room so there is enough light for you to get on with any other work.


#3. Power Bank And USB Cable

Keep a charged power bank ready to use so that your phone can be charged even during a power cut. Power banks can also be used with USB fans to keep the air circulating during the summers.


#4. Generators

With a petrol power generator you can decide how many lights, fans or plug points you want to start and control the flow of electricity so you don’t overuse or run out. These are more expensive than the previously mentioned options, but are the most efficient in events of long power cuts. Candles will burn out, flashlights will run out of battery and eventually so will the power banks.

If you are more concerned about the environment, then you can try out a solar portable generator. It accumulates energy during the day and stores it for when you need it the most. Again, only connect it to 1-2 rooms in the house so that you don’t run out of energy.


#5. Boardgames

You still need to do something to entertain yourselves that does not involve electricity, especially if you have kids in the house so have some of these ready.


#6. First-Aid Kit

In case of emergencies, it can never hurt to have one. Someone is bound to hit the edge of a table and cut themselves.


#7. Snacks And Drinks

Because cooking without power can become rather difficult - we tend to confuse salt with sugar even when there is light, can you imagine what would happen in the dark? Have some clearly labelled food in sealed packets ready in a clear container or cabinet.


There you go, a simple list of essentials to keep in the storage for when the unexpected power cut comes around the neighbourhood.

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