8 Fun Ways To Keep Your Child Active

Jack Trainor 12/09/2016

Children have a never ending energy supply. They can run around, play and laugh for hours and hours without getting tired. It’s great for them to get outside and get active as it is for anybody. By getting your children into the habit of getting outside and being active from a young age, they tend to develop healthy habits later on down the track like exercising regularly and playing sports.

Too often these days though, kids are playing video games, surfing social media for fun or watching videos and tv. Whilst some educational games on devices can be beneficial for their brains, they seem to be skipping out on the physical side of things. Children need time to adventure outside, get fresh air, soak up the sunlight and burn off some of that energy. As parents you want to encourage your child to do just this and sometimes it can be a real challenge to get them out of the house and into the great outdoors. The key is to make it fun and entertaining.


Get Them Moving

Whether doing specific exercises, shooting some hoops or learning to ride a bike, kids can have so much fun just by running around and laughing. Of course it’s made better with the help of a few fun props and toys. Trampolines get your child moving in a different way and can help them to love the backyard. There is a large range of trampolines online, so it’s always good to do your homework to find the right one.


Partner Up When Exercising

Exercising regularly is a great way to stay fit and healthy. But sometimes it can be a real challenge to find someone to take care of your young child whilst you head to the gym or go for a run. There is a simple solution to this issue; Grab the pram, take them with you and hit the track. Strollers online help you to multitask and take your baby on regular walks or runs.


Sign Them Up For Classes

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Classes are a great way to get started. There are many exercise classes out there that parents can sign up for. Swimming lessons for example, is a great way to not only teach them new skills but a chance to step out of the house and get active. There are other different classes too including yoga, football, cricket and tennis, with some offering parent involvement for an experience you can share together.


Build Them Their Own House

Every child wants a house of their own with fun features such as slides, ladders or a playground. Give your child a place of their very own. Tree houses and toy houses can be put together in no time at all and make for years of fun for your child and their friends. Imagination comes into play when children are playing in their cubby house kit. They can play house for themselves and be like mum and dad.


Play Active Games

Think of games to play with your children that involve physical effort and will engage both their active and competitive sides. Games like tag, hide and seek, duck duck goose or even catch and throw are a great way to kick things off with young children. They’ll be running around having so much fun that they’ll want tire you out before they get tired themselves.


Buy Them Mock Garden Toys

Toys that mock garden tools or plants are a great way to get your little one out and into the backyard. They can pretend to grow plants and help out around the garden as if they were actually doing the yard work. Get them in touch with nature by playing in the dirt, digging and making mud pies. If you're worried about bugs or germs getting to your child, why not set up a safe area for play like a kids sand pit so they can get closer to nature with no real risk.


Have Playdates Outside

When friends come over for a play why not encourage them to play outside. Children could kick a ball around together, have tea parties or even eat lunch in the fresh air. This will help young children to grow in confidence, get active and find fun in the great outdoors. They’ll be given the opportunity to learn valuable social skills and be healthy.


Teach Them How To Dance

Music and dancing is so much fun for young children. They can learn how to move their bodies and sing at the same time. Teaching your little one to get up and boogie will boost their self esteem and will encourage them to get out on the dance floor. It can also teach them coordination and balance as they find their feet and learn to walk.

Remember the best way to get children active is to make it fun. By playing and laughing together you’ll from an even bigger bond with your little one.

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