A Healthy Easter Meal In Under 20 Minutes

Surbhi Tyagi 24/03/2016

‘Holiday weight’ is a term we’ve misused so that we can indulge in rich food without feeling guilty about it.

Unfortunately, the excess weight of those meals lasts longer than its mere satisfaction. When we aren’t stuffing our faces with roast chicken during christmas than it’s a ‘unique’ easter egg that’s probably limited edition. It’s no wonder that those jeans got tighter.

However, I’ve decided to put my foot down this year and have a healthy Easter meal. Not to worry, I am still going to incorporate eggs in my dish to be in the spirit for this special holiday.

The main dish will be Scrambled Tofu.

This simple dish takes no more than twenty minutes to make, giving you plenty of time to relax on the public holiday.

Scrambled Tofu

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Ingredients: ( serves 4)

Tofu (200g)

Eggs (3)

Onion (1)

Kale ( 1 bunch)

Spinach ( 1 handful)

Tomato (1)

Mushroom ( 5)

Capsicum ( 1)

Olive Oil



Soy sauce


1) Firstly, dice the vegetables, including kale,mushroom, zuchinni and capsium. Heat a medium sized frying pan with two tablespoons of olive oil and fry the onion until it appears to be golden. Once the onion is fried, stir fry the vegetables for approximately five minutes.

2) Meanwhile, in a separate bowl simultaneously crack the eggs and scramble the tofu. Add the mixture to the frying pan with the vegetables and cook for five minutes. Lastly, add one teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of black pepper and one tablespoon of soy sauce.

3) To get a tangy flavour, squirt half a lemon to treat your taste buds. Spinach and tomato are optional ingredients to garnish the dish at the very end.

4) This dish works exceptionally well a freshly squeezed beetroot and apple juice. Simply, chop out two apples and two beetroots and feed them through a bullet blender for faster results.

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