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A Key Factor in Sleep Quality

Victoria Z 6/10/2015

Sleeping is an aspect of health which you cannot compromise. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention Australia identify that “persons experiencing sleep insufficiency are more likely to suffer from hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity, cancer and increased mortality.” Most importantly, sleep insufficiency reduces the quality of life and productivity.

Furthermore sleep insufficiency can put anyone in danger when completing day to day activities. For instance, crossing the road when you are not fully aware of your surroundings paired with unluckiness can result in death.

Whilst lifestyle does affect the quality of your sleep, a bad mattress can cause discomfort and muscle pain. Investing in a mattress which is tailored to your body can be a life changing experience. It is important not to rush the decision making process and settle on a mattress which is specific to you.

There are many mattress types which have differentiating benefits. This includes Spinal Pedic, Memory Foam, Memory Gel and 7 Zone.

Spinal Pedic Eurotop

  • Considered a chiropractic mattress
  • In built technology for spinal support
  • Maintains alignment of muscles
  • Minimal motion disturbance from partner
  • Prevents muscle pain from incorrect sleeping position

Eurotop Pocket Spring

  • Memory foam moulds to your body shape to ensure comfort
  • Encourages deep sleep without disturbance
  • Assists in relaxation of mind and body
  • Individual pocket springs to prevent motion disturbance

Cool Gel Memory Foam

  • Maintains a cool sleeping surface by dissipating body heat
  • Gel memory foam moulds to your body
  • Promotes a deep sleep
  • Regulates moisture
  • Fall asleep more quickly
  • Prevents motion disturbance from partner

7-Zone Natural Latex

  • Prevents isolated muscle pain and issues
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Tailored support for each body part
  • Encourages muscle alignment

The best way to find your perfect match is through identifying your problem areas and matching it to mattress benefits.

1) Back Problems: If you find yourself with consistent back problems, spinal pedic mattresses are designed for chiropractic purposes. They encourage muscle alignment with their inbuilt technology that adapts to body shape.

2) Difficulties in Relaxation: If you find yourself tossing or turning before sleep, a memory foam or cool gel memory mattress are assist the mind to relax and prevent sleep disturbance. A cool gel memory mattress is great for those who prefer a colder sleeping surface or tend to get night sweats.

3) Waking Up with Isolated Pain/ Frequent Discomfort: A 7 zone mattress has 7 different sections that are tailored to specific body areas. As opposed to having a flat surface, the mattress is shaped to reflect natural body contour.

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