Amazing Gift Ideas For Kids That Will Encourage Learning

Coleen Paller 29/08/2016

While it can be so tempting to simply buy whatever gift your child asks for (as of course, they are always begging for it) and simply let them be happy, you can do so much more every now and then. There are very few types of toys and items that can offer your child a real learning experiences as well as fun play. Why not give a gift that successfully integrate learning just from your child using it everyday, without them noticing?

Sometimes the more your child knows something is for learning, the more they will disassociate it with fun and feel reluctant to engage with it. Instead, opt for great items like watches for children, interactive books and technology that can definitely promise a subtle learning activity as your children enjoys using them.



Girls love having cute accessories to wear, and if you get girls watches online that match their favourite color, character or look, they will be inclined to want it as they look ‘nice’. You can integrate the learning by often asking for their time so they can learn and get used to reading the clock.

Boys also like having their superheroes and favourite characters on their watches, so make sure to look for boys watches for sale that will appeal to them and get them the one they desire. The more your children like the design, the more they will wear them and the more you can train them in telling the time.


Fabric Books

For younger children, you can definitely get them a fabric book that offers activities related to clothing and other motor skills. These are designed to teach your children how to successfully put on clothes for toddlers through skills like opening buttons, closing zips, tucking ends and folding collars. They can turn the colourful pages and feel the need to interact with the book without really realising they are learning.


App Purchases

For more tech savvy kids, you can easily search for learning apps that are cleverly disguised as fun games that they can play while having to solve sums or puzzles. They are usually quite friendly to your wallet and can be played over several devices so your child has easy access.


Fun and learning doesn’t have to be separate simply because of your child’s complaints. Be subtle about learning and encourage them to simply have fun and soon you’ll have a little genius in your hands.

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