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Australiaโ€™s Up and Coming Interior & DIY Influencers

MyDeal Team 3/11/2016

It’s always tricky decorating your home when you haven’t figured out exactly what you want. With so many ideas out there, it’s hard to find something that’s on trend, yet still reflects your personality. Looking at instagrammers and bloggers is a great way to inspire you for your home renovations and decorating. We have found Australia’s Up and Coming Interior & DIY influencers that can be your 'go to' source of inspiration. You can easily see their talent and aptitude for beautiful aesthetics with every photo they post, check them out below:

1. Lee Rachel (@leerachel)

Lee Rachel is a Canberra-based lawyer and creative who has a passion for home styling, photography and blogging. She lives with her partner and two adorable Charles Spaniels that you will see often on her Instagram page, along with her beautiful home visuals, where she loves to share inspiring tips for transforming your home without breaking the bank!


2. Marisa Simeone (@marisasim)

Marisa is a wonderful mum to three little boys on Instagram. Currently spending time at home with children, she loves home style, renovating and DIY projects, of which many she blogs about on her site, alittlebitocd.com. Getting her inspiration from people that inspire her, it won’t be hard to fall in love with her talent and be inspired to change things up around your home.


3. Allison Aumann (@utterlyorganised)

Allison is an amazing Instagram mum who works at home with three gorgeous kiddo’s, all under five! She has a love for fashion, bargain shopping and organising her beautiful home, of which you will often see in her Instagram pics and her blog, utterlyorganised.com.au. You can also ask Allison for some tips and tricks about fashion, recipes and organisation tricks!


4. Angela (@_honeypunch)

Angela is a hard-working mum who is taking the time to spend with her amazing new bub. Her Instagram is full of cute pictures of her little man, along with creative nursery décor. She is also passionate about home décor and kids’ fashion, which you will often see on her Instagram. You’ll be getting some serious house inspo after you check out Angela’s blog!


5. Demie Liew (@demzlw)

Demie is a graphic designer who runs her own Etsy Shop aside from her successful Insta-blog. Inspired by visuals rather than words, you can fall in love with her passion for clean beauty. On her Insta-blog, you can see her true passion for design through her tasteful flatlays and fashionable outfits, as well as her beautiful papercrafts on Etsy.


6. Maria Angus (@myminiabode)

Maria Angus is an interior stylist who loves working with children’s interiors. She believes in creating beautiful spaces for both parents and their children, being a mother of two herself. You can find her stunning creations and inspirations on her Instagram, as well as her blog, myminiabode.com, where she enjoys showcasing her favourite trends and how to work them into your own home.


7. Kat Lane (@_laneandco_)

Kat is a mum who loves event coordinating, crafting, baking and photography, all the while taking care of her two children. When it comes to colour schemes, Kat is the go-to as her tasteful palettes and ideas are all over her beautiful Instagram and her blog, katlaneandco.com. You can find her obsessing over pinterest recipes, colour coordinating and creating costumes for her little ones.


8. Ainsley Ryan (@its.a.monochrome.life)

Ainsley is an architecture and construction graduate who loves to show her passion for decorating and home styling on her beautiful Instagram page and blog, It’s A Monochrome Life. There you can see Ainsley’s inspiring settings and ideas for a completely monochrome palette, along with her favourite products and styles. She often will highlight quality products and locations that will make your jaws drop!


With these nifty bloggers it isn’t hard to find your source of inspiration when it comes to decorating, DIY and furniture! Make sure you have the right decor such as bed heads, bed frames and tools and equipment at the ready to transform your interiors beautifully.

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