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Australia’s Up and Coming Lifestyle Influencers

MyDeal Team 31/10/2016

It’s always nice to stay up to date with the latest trends, whether that be with clothing, food or events in your local area. Here are some of the best up and coming Australian lifestyle bloggers who are breaking barriers to give you the latest and greatest style tips, recipes and helpful tips and tricks to make you the coolest cat on the block.

Sam Sidney (@stylepaws)

When it comes to fashion blogging, you need to have a sense of style. This comes naturally to Sam Sidney, owner of the blog “stylepaws” which is named after her two favourite things, fashion and cats. Sam lives in Melbourne, where she finds most of her inspiration. Her Instagram posts usually consist of her outfits of the day, her delicious food and her daily life. She began blogging in her teenage years in 2008, where she began writing about fashion and developing her own personal style. This has developed since, and she is now often writing about her daily life, favourite outfits and, of course, her love for flowers. She is often inspired by vintage clothes, her mother’s wardrobe from the ‘60s being a major influence, as well as the city that surrounds her. Melbourne’s street art, food and designers always keep her creative fluids flowing. When she’s not blogging about her effortless style and her love for food, she’s running a digital marketing company agency called Milkbar Digital.

Still a cat lady. 🐱

A photo posted by Sam Sidney (@stylepaws) onJul 8, 2016 at 4:12pm PDT


So Frank (@SoFrankSocial)

Sophia, Fran and Kaet all met in 2014 when they were all a part of Visit Canberra tourism campaign. The three combined their love for travel, food and coffee and began a blog dedicated to all three specialising in Canberra. They began to explore the state and realised how much Canberra had to offer, so they created the blog So Frank so that they could share their experiences across the state. Their blog covers events taking place from Marulan to the Snowy Mountains, as well as reviewing local cafes, restaurants and the community that Canberra has to offer. A mixture of photos taken from the blog, their Instagram and Facebook profile include images from farms across the state, the snow and beaches. The photos are not just taken by Sophia, Fran and Kaet, but also taken by other Canberra community members who use the hashtag #SoFrankSocial. With the state being surrounded by so much, it’s easy to fall in love with what Canberra has to offer, and So Frank is the perfect blog to keep track and see all of the latest trends and places to go. 


Amy Kennedy (@amyrosekennedy)

Keeping up with the latest trends can be a tricky thing to do, especially if you’re on a budget. Luckily, Amy Kennedy is here to keep you looking your absolute chicest without breaking the bank. Blogging began as a “creative outlet” for Amy, where she could use social media as a way to build her self esteem, confidence and love. Using social media as her creative outlet, she has gained a following by posting images of he daily outfits, coveted beauty items and accessories. She combines her outfits of the day alongside flatlays and pictures from her daily life. When she’s blogging, she writes about inexpensive clothing finds that are sure to turn heads, as well as writing about trends and events. She has a huge love for fashion and beauty, and she wants to share with girls that are her age any “sweet little finds” that remind them a little “self love goes a long way”. 

Throwback to the weekend, wearing head to toe @sportsgirl βœ”οΈ #amyrosekennedy #sportsgirlstyle

A photo posted by Amy Kennedy (@amyrosekennedy) onOct 3, 2016 at 4:59pm PDT


Kristy Sayer-Jones (@southerninlaw)

There’s no better feeling than finding your passion, and for Kristy Sayer-Jones, that passion is food. Kristy has spent her life as a writer, a graphic designer and a social media professional, but she loves to spend most of her time cooking up delicious food. Her blog and her Instagram both are a “bit of everything”; a combination of helpful DIY projects, her day-today life as well as mouth-watering healthy recipes. When she was diagnosed with coeliac disease at 19, she had to find a way to create the food she loved, such as her love for baking, but as a healthy and gluten-free alternative, “ I decided I was going to put my energy into creating healthy, allergy friendly recipes that actually tasted good.” She often posts mouth-watering pictures of her food on her Instagram, alongside her recipes on her blog. 



Thuy Mai (@thuy_m)

Thuy Mai has a passion for clothing and food. She was born and raised in Vietnam, but has lived in Melbourne for most of her life. She’s always “on the hunt” for exciting new food and styles of clothing, as she loves discovering new things. Her personal blog and Instagram pages are full of sleek clothing that she likes to showcase. Thuy began blogging about a range of seasonal outfits and where someone could buy them, showcasing what “Melbourne style was all about”. Delving into outfits of the day, new and exciting food and Melbourne streets, Thuy’s Instagram and personal blog is sure to keep you entertained for hours. On her blog, Thuy reviews the latest and trendiest cafes and restaurants across Melbourne, as well as discussing her favourite outfits for the season and occasion. 


Nadia Burjan (@nadia_tinkers)

Step back in time with Nadia Burjan’ Instagram, a collection of incredible retro and vintage outfits and memorabilia with “a modern twist”. Nadia is a full time music tutor, but when she’s not tutoring, she’s running her Insta-blog. Her blog consists of images that give “a sense of nostalgia”, whether that be with vintage clothing or with retro cars and diners. Her style is inspired heavily by the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, which she makes unique with her own modern sense of style. Rather than focussing on the city life, Nadia prefers to take photos that “people can take away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.” She finds her unique pieces of clothing often from flea markets or vintage shops, she’s sure to find a one-off piece. Nadia has always been passionate about photography and fashion, and combining that with social media was the perfect recipe for this incredible Insta-blog. 

Cute little laundromat in Paris 🍭🍭🍭

A photo posted by Nadia Burjan (@nadia_tinkers) onJul 24, 2016 at 4:11pm PDT



Kate Nelson (@meetookids)

Kate Nelson has always been keen on writing and publishing. Working in PR and as an industrial designer, she has certainly made a name for herself in the media industry. She has since had two kids, Immi, 11 and Charlie, 8, who have helped inspire her to create a blog about her daily experiences around Melbourne, and the amazing things she gets up to with her children. Her blog MeeToo reviews places, events and activities in Melbourne that are child-friendly and fun for the whole family. Her Instagram shows images of her daily experiences, but her blog has the tell-all details of the events, as well as tips and tricks for those who are planning on visiting Melbourne for the first time, or who are looking to explore their city in hopes of finding something new and exciting. Kate also likes to share the latest events on Meetoo’s official Facebook page. As a parent, Kate has decided to spend her time exploring the city she lives in, which was one of the main reasons why she began her blog, as well as reliving some of her childhood memories and create new ones with her family. 

It was a frosty morning down on the @federationsquare #RiverRink and so much fun!

A photo posted by Kate Nelson / Melbourne (@meetookids) onJun 24, 2016 at 7:46pm PDT



With the help from these incredible lifestyle bloggers, it’s easy to find and develop your own personal style and identity whilst staying up to date with the latest trends in food, fashion and events. At MyDeal it isn’t hard to keep up with the latest trends. From bar fridges to wine fridges to help you replicate your own summer recipes, women’s fashion, the latest decor including quilts covers and doonas to spruce up your home and our enviable collection of homewares in our home and garden range, you can get the look everyone is going for as well!

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