Become a successful AirBnb host

Author : Becky Adams .  Published on : 26/06/2015

Once you’ve created the perfect listing and attracted guests, the real hosting work begins. You want your guests to be comfortable and happy the moment they arrive, whether they are renting your entire house while you are away, or just a room for a night or two.

What you need to supply:

Ensure they have their own set of house keys and the WiFi password when they arrive. These two details will make the initial settling in easier and show you are prepared and organised for their arrival. Internet access is vital for a modern traveller and ensuring they can access it when they arrive will make them feel more welcome.

Kit out their room with more than simply the essentials. The room your guests are staying in is their whole world in your home, so make sure they have:

• A bed frame – it doesn’t have to be expensive and you can pick up a good mattress on sale online.
• A table – in case they want to sit and use their computer, or write a letter, or any other reason they may need a large, flat surface.
• A rubbish bin – guests don’t want to live with rubbish floating around the room, but might feel strange about putting things in the house bin.
• Plugs and outlets – savvy travellers will more than likely bring their own multi-point powerboard, but just in case, ensure they have access to at least two spares.
• Towels – long term travellers will have their own, but supply them just in case.

What you need to do

Space is a big issue and no one wants to feel like they are invading someone’s home. Ensure that in advance you clear room for your guests in:

• A small bar fridge with stainless steel coating  – this will allow them to demarcate their food from yours and and reinvigorate any area. Everyone loves the mini bar in a hotel, so this will definetly amp up their experience! Invest in some quality wine glasses and coffee mugs, as well as champagne and limitless amounts of tea and coffee so that they feel right at home. Scout around for some bar ideas online to find some inspiration for your home.  

• The bathroom – a place to hang their towels, a spot for their toothbrush, and space on a shelf for their other essentials
• The shower cubicle – clear room for them to place their soap, shampoo and shower accessories

How you should behave

Above all – be welcoming and relaxed. These are paying guests and you must respect that. Generally, AirBnb travellers are on a tight budget and looking to meet new people and have fun. Don’t forget the Bnb part, even just a bowl of cereal will go a long way for a backpacker of limited means. Engage with them and offer advice on local attractions, and generally be open and available.

Don’t see your guests simply as a way to make a bit of money. Gaining a good reputation will bring you more money in the long term than leaving a guest with a bad impression of your hospitality.

One last thing

Being a great host is important, but you won’t always have great guests. Some will try to take advantage of the situation and it is important to set boundaries. Ensure clear and honest communication and it will be a rewarding, enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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