Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50??

Brooke Lindsay 22/06/2016

Wireless headphones, adorable pet jackets, humidifiers, laser guns, spy pens and more! Can you get through this post without buying something?

You might be confident but I wouldn’t be so sure because I have created a list of some pretty cool products. These are some of the cutest, weather appropriate and affordable items MyDeal Australia has to offer. I am certainly impressed by these deals and I think you will be too! I hope you enjoy my selection of amazing deals and remember that this is just a small taste of what MyDeal has to offer. Especially during our EOFY Sale, so make sure you don’t miss out on some unbelievable sales.

1. Heatproof Hair Straightener Holster

I’m not proud of this but it took a singed towel, damaged bench top and one ruined bed spread for me to FINALLY realise that my heated hair tools need to be put on a heat proof surface. This $24 item could have saved me a lot of money and crying over my favourite bedspread.

2. Weather Station Alarm Clock with Projector

The first thing I do in the morning is turn my alarm off, check the time and the weather. Which, conveniently, is everything this amazing product does?

3. Cool Mist Air Humidifier

I’ll admit I’m a little biased when it comes to this product. I cannot live without a humidifier during winter. I don’t know about you, but I feel there’s nothing worse than waking up with a sore throat, dry skin and allergies during winter, yuk. It’s quiet so you can have it going while you sleep and has helped my skin stay hydrated and healthy.

4. Spy Pen

Ok, so my inner Spy Kid made me put this on the list. Whether you’re a secret spy ninja warrior or simply trying to catch your little brother mooching off your pocket money, you need dis!

5. Mini Bar Fridge & Toolbox

Bar fridges are great for Dad to keep in the shed, as are toolboxes. What if, you could surprise Dad this Father’s Day with this two in one? You would definitely be the favourite child. It’s definitely more than $50 but I had to bend the rules on this one. You save $418 on this item and with father's day coming up, I couldn’t think of anything cooler, literally.

6. High-Pressure Hose Attachment

Another great father's day present and a little more affordable is this hose attachment. Turn any regular hose into a high pressure, pressure washer! This would make quick work of cleaning the car and blasting those pesky weeds and dirt from your patio, deck or driveway.

7. Thermometer Laser Gun

I cringe when I see people testing the temperature of boiling water or cooking food on the stove or in the oven. Never burn your fingers again and feel like a master chef with the laser gun thermometer!

8. Smart Bluetooth Fitness Band

If you’ve been unsure about jumping on the fitness band, band waggon, then let me break it down for you. It records your daily steps, reminds you to get active, has an app for your smartphone, and tracks your fitness level. It monitors calories burned, comes in a sleek black or cute pink band and has an LED screen. It’s water resistant and has a 12 month warranty! It’s like having a personal trainer for one easy payment of just $39!

9. Chalkboard Wall Decal

I don’t know about you but I tend to write notes on a post it or in a notepad and completely forget about it. This chalkboard ensures important reminders are not forgotten. It’s a gorgeous art piece but completely removable. Get organised with the stylish wall decal in your office or bedroom.

10. Road Cycling Bib Shorts

Ok, we’re all thinking it, this is totally something Borat would wear to the beach. However, these bike shorts ensure you’re cool and comfortable whilst cycling. The bib ensures they stay up and that all your bits won’t get chafed because no one is down for that.

11. Luxury Shower Head

Not only does a massive shower head feel amazing to shower under, it’s also a massive decor piece. This stunning shower head will bring luxury to your bathroom's interior.

12. Warm Pet Jackets

Let’s get real, there is NOTHING cuter than pets in jackets! Aside from being totally adorable, these jackets will keep your pets nice and toasty warm this winter. Remember if you’re cold, they probably are too!

13. Bluedio Wireless Headphones

Did I save the best for last? If nothing else has grabbed your attention surely these will! Wireless Bluedio headphones for just $39! Wireless headphones are perfect for exercising and travelling. They come in a range of colours but honestly, can you really go past the shiny white and silver colour?

If you made it this far, congratulations! If you’re up for another challenge head over to our end of financial year sale page now. You’ll find some ah-mazing deals that you won’t be able to pass up, happy shopping MyDealers!


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