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Cheap Ways to Brighten Up Your Garden

Beth Watkins 24/08/2015

With spring fast approaching, it is time to get your garden in order. The winter months can often see us neglecting our outdoor sanctuary and allowing it to turn into a dull and dreary space. Transforming your entire garden can be quite costly, but there are a few ways you can brighten up your garden without spending thousands on a new landscape design.

Add some lighting

It is not always about plants when it comes to transforming your garden. Adding some fairy lights along your fence line or some bright LED solar lights along garden beds can instantly transform your area into a welcoming relaxation spot at night. These lights are becoming increasingly inexpensive as LED technology increases, so install some around your backyard and see how your garden transforms at dusk.

No garden beds?

No worries. If your garden space is small or concreted, add some vertical garden planters to your outdoor walls or fences. This small and affordable planter option is an ideal way to add greenery and colour to your bland outdoor area without blowing your budget. Use them indoors for a small herb garden or to easily add greenery to your home.

Add some small pieces of garden furniture

You don’t need to spend a small fortune on outdoor sofas and dining tables to add colour to your garden. There are plenty of cheap garden furniture options available online. One great space saving yet practical piece is the hammock chair.

The multi-coloured design is ideal to brighten up any area. If a hammock chair isn’t right for your space, there are plenty of small single seat options which are bold in colour and low in price.

Give your existing furniture a face lift

One of the most inexpensive ways to update your garden is to give your current pots, and furniture a quick face-lift. Repaint your furniture or add some funky colours and designs to your standard terracotta pots. Use these inexpensive ways to brighten up your garden and go back to enjoying your garden space.

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