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Creating the Cinema Experience at Home

Kim Scarvo 1/07/2015

As Australia rides the wave of Netflix’s arrival upon these shores, there is no better time to create your own cinema at home. There are hundreds of options, with something to suit virtually every budget, enabling everyone to enjoy their favourite movies and TV shows in high def bliss. Whether you are looking of a way to entertain your friends or become the perfect Air BnB Host, this is one low cost, easily implementable option!


The cornerstone of the entire experience and the bare minimum requirement. There are many great HDTVs available, in a huge variety of sizes. The thinness of the current crop of television sets means that even the biggest can be wall mounted, keeping it out of the way and safe from knocks. Your TV will need to be in proportion to the size of your room, however people don’t spent much time wishing they had a smaller TV, so err on the side of bigger.

Receivers and speakers

Most TVs have decent sounding speakers built-in, but if you are taking the next step in creating a truly immersive experience, you will want a hub for your audio and video. The receiver is designed to take the signal from your devices and send it to the correct destination. In terms of audio, it will decode DTS and Dolby audio signals and send the sound to the correct speaker, such as the subwoofer, as opposed to the rear left or front right. This means, regardless of whether you are playing a game, watching a Blu Ray, or streaming a TV show, you will have the best possible surround sound experience.

Many receivers are packaged with speakers, making it convenient for entry level users to enter the home theatre world. Audiophiles and buyers with higher budgets may want to purchase speakers separately, with many high-level models available. This is an important consideration for people who want a complete AV setup that incorporates their music system as well.

Media players

While almost every new model is classified as a “smart” TV and includes internet connectivity for NetFlix streaming, physical media is still very much in use. Devices such as PS3 and 4, X Box, and standalone players will drive your system’s optical media. The flexibility of games consoles to play Blu Ray and DVD discs has essentially eliminated the need for standalone devices, with price being the only drawback. Again, buying more than you need will give you an option you might not immediately think you want.

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