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Creative Ideas To Spruce Your Yard For Springtime

Coleen Paller 15/08/2016

Though it does feel quite cold, you may notice that the sun is peeking out now more than ever during this time of year. That is a sign of the coming spring, a time where you will enjoy the outdoors and the surroundings of your yard.

Having a great yard for spring is not just about planting and having flowers everywhere, it’s about setting them as well as other decor like wicker outdoor settings tastefully to reinforce the beauty of nature. Don’t overstuff your yard but at the same time don’t leave it bare. Here are some ideas that are the perfect in-between.


Natural-Looking Outdoor Furniture

Don’t just get any wooden stool or table. Invest in sturdy, natural-looking furniture that still has a wooden texture but in a sleek design. Wicker modular outdoor furniture is the new trend, as it combines wooden accents in different hues with modern designs. They often come in complete sets that compliment each other, so all you need to do is pick your theme and purchase all in one go.


Flower Spots

Forget the boring option of having pots everywhere when you plant and display your flowers. Place them in creative, unusual places that will blend in with the natural elements of your yard. These can be in arranged piles of cinder blocks (those holes are perfect for little daisies) and for large plants, placing them in between the rungs of old, wooden wheels is ideal. Simply leave the wooden wheel against the grass, as if it were a lost relic of time and let the flowers grow from its gaps.


Think about how you can improve the beauty of your yard, as it will definitely pay off in the long run for you. Then you can always enjoy and bask in the weather during the warmer months.

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