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Decor Ideas for your first apartment

Surbhi Tyagi 5/04/2016

Moving into your first apartment or house can be exciting and nerve racking because you are flooded with options on how to create your very own personalised space. Granted you want to stick to a theme, there are then certain features that accentuate your taste.

One popular style is ‘Hippie Chic’. This style of apartment experiments with different patterns and is not afraid to mix and match them,. This brings texture and a vibrancy in the room. The bold patterns are generally inspired from African and Native American designs. To enhance this image, hang Moroccan rugs on the wall or place a hammock in a cozy corner of the room.

If you still haven't grown out of your gamer phase then why not make this your very own virtual reality experience. Set up an ideal gamer's room with comfort and technology as your main ingredients to create the coolest gaming arena. Consider geeky decor items, which may include Super Mario plush pillows or a remote control shaped rug to match your console. Notably, make sure your wireless internet is up to par as it is likely that you will be connecting with other gamers 24/7.

Want to show off your maturity? Build a bachelor pad that depicts your personal taste. Firstly having the latest gadgets scattered around your apartment shows your modernistic interest in technology. To complement your extra large television screen, go for a coffee table to organise small items. Rather than finding for your remote controls under the couch with crumbs of food glued to it. To have the ultimate crib, put your bartending skills to good use and set up a mini bar complemented with bar stools. If you love to host parties then this will not disappoint you or your friends. It is also important to keep your guests busy with a not only a side of beer or watching television but also a billiard table.

Live your happily ever after at home, with enchanting fairytale themes. If you think about it, Cinderella’s castle would translate into a modern studio apartment in 2016. For example, the bookworm Belle from Beauty and Beast would have a rustic library to space her collection of books. If you aren’t overly feminine and would prefer to have a gender-neutral apartment then you would be best suited for Mulan’s ideal apartment. This would involve making bold and eye-catching decor to best suit your personality.

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