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Decorate Your Bedroom For Under $300

Patrick Hurley 18/05/2016

Living out of home can be very expensive. With rent, electricity and water bills to pay each month, finding the time and the money to create a new look for your bedroom can be incredibly hard. Creating a brand new look for your bedroom can cost you thousands of dollars, and can make it incredibly hard to pay those monthly bills.

However, changing only a small amount of items in your bedroom could create a completely fresh and unique atmosphere in your bedroom. The best part of your transformation is you can do it all for under 300 dollars. You wouldn’t be struggling to pay for these important monthly bills, and you’ll have some change in the pocket to get these great affordable products. Here are 5 products that would transform your bedroom for under $300.

1) Headboard

There is no need to throw the base and mattress out to create a new feel in your bedroom. Using a new bedhead with a sophisticated look can completely change the room tenfold. Using some fresh and soothing colours such as grey can create an intimate and relaxing tone. The King Size Fabric Upholstered Headboard in Grey would create the ultimate atmosphere that is perfect for a great night’s sleep.

2) Bedside Table

Having a bedside table that compliments a bedhead is important to transforming the aura of your new bedroom. Using an updated and spacious bedside table like the Bondi 2 Drawer in Walnut. It compliments the bed head with the slight resemblance of colour, whilst individually, being a great practical piece.

3) Lamp

What a way to display your brand new bedside table with a Trio Table Lamp. This contrasting wooden colour allows for the lamp to stand out individually, whilst having a natural fabric colour blending into the natural grey colour in the bedhead.

4) Garment Rack

This great diverse product has a unique, open style that allows you to customise your clothing to match your bedroom. The Portable Wood Wheeled Clothing Garment & Shoe Racks allows you to use clothing with different fabrics and colours to completely change the feeling in your bedroom.

5) Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

No Need for massive stereos and CD players, having a small Bluetooth speaker allows you to play your music straight from any portable device, whilst you sit and relax in your newly-designed bedroom.

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