DIY This Weekend Series: How To Make The Home Minibar You’ve Always Wanted

Coleen Paller 24/06/2016

It’s always there in the movies- a classy but busy businessman takes his break at a fancy, dimly-lit minibar in the luxury of his own home. Minibars seem to be something that belong in the houses of the rich or the old.

But the truth is, everyone deserves a minibar to retreat to at the end of the day, and it doesn’t have to look like a chunk of a five-star restaurant in the middle of your room or study. It takes only a few items, motivation and a bit of time set aside to make a minibar that works for you at your leisure. It’s time to have your own minibar, in three easy steps.


1. Decide On Your Space

All you really need for a minibar is a counter, a couple of barstools and a drinks cabinet at the most basic. Where in your house can you fit this? The most common choice is an unused study or storage room. If you want to upgrade your minibar, find a discount wine fridge that will fit within the space as well.


2. Refurbish An Old Cabinet

Find an old cabinet, preferably with a glass window or a stylish front that can hold up to five full-sized bottles of whisky or gin as well as shot glasses. Don’t just situate the cabinet in your new minibar and leave it there. Refurbish and design it. If it suits your taste, remove any glass windows and repaint the cabinet. A quick redesign idea would be to attach LED lights around the cabinet to add to the lighting environment of your minibar.



3. Fit A Lock

If you have little ones, the exciting project of a home minibar you’re embarking on may just attract small and curious eyes. Purchase a small lock for your cabinet, either a traditional padlock or a rope-based lock for cabinets with just handles. If this is not possible, fit a lock to the actual room you are using for the minibar. That way, no one can just walk in and take your most expensive bottle of Johnnie Walker; it will be there for you when you need it for your retreat and you only.


If this is all too basic, consider purchasing standing lamps and even a small, bluetooth-controlled speaker system that you can perch on top of the drinks cabinet or the counter. It’s about time to have a haven of retreat that happens to be where you are most comfortable- at home.

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