Easily Refurbish Your Backyard Every Season With These 4 Tools

Zaina Parekh 26/08/2016

Your backyard, much like you needs special attention during each season change. Just like you refurbish your wardrobe and move seasonal clothes in and out, you need to refurbish your backyard too. Without that extra attention, your backyard much like you will deteriorate very quickly once the seasons change.


Winter - Split ‘em Extra Logs

In the winters, the trees are bound to wilt because of the cold, the leaves barely grow and you can forget about fruits and flowers as empty branches just hang there partially decaying. It can be very unhealthy for the tree if the decay goes down to the roots, as it would be very difficult to recuperate the tree and bring it back to life.
Solution - Cut down the branches! Cut down the empty branches and instead of just throwing them out, get a log splitter for sale to cut them up and use them in your fireplace or BBQ pit during the winters. This way, your tree won’t get infected by the decay and you get free wood out of it too!
Don’t worry about the branches growing back. That’s what happens during the spring. New, healthy branches bloom out with leaves, fruits and flowers.


Spring - Dig Those Holes Deep

Spring is the season in which you reseed your backyard so that the damage caused in the winter can be recovered. Reseeding can be quite a task. Digging through the hardened winter soil can leave your whole body sore for days and it’s not just one hole, but several. If the holes aren't deep enough, the seeds won’t get in contact with the still-moist warm soil beneath the hard surface, resulting in no sprouts and no roots. Essentially, it is a complete waste of time, energy and money.
Solution - Make a one time investment and buy a post hole digger for sale and relieve your hands and legs of the hard work of digging. The digger will dig perfectly sized, deep holes with the motion of one click and then all you have to do is sprinkle the seeds, cover them with soil, water and watch your backyard bloom.


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Summer - Wash Off the Dirt and Dust

Summer! The peak of your backyard’s season cycle. It’s lush and green and healthy and fruitful. But what’s that accumulating on the leaves and shrubs? Is that dust? Summers are possibly the dustiest few months. Everyone is out and about, kids are playing and cycling around, food trucks are here and there, ice cream trucks are leaving tyre marks on the roads. Just like dust makes your nose itchy, it makes your plants uncomfortable too.
Solution - Use a high pressure cleaner to clean the areas around your backyard (the garage, the driveway, the pavements) to prevent dust moving from there to the plants. Furthermore, keep watering your plants so the dust doesn’t settle and your plants get the moisture they need. This way you don’t only keep your plants happy, but keep the outside of your house dust free so you don’t fall sick either.


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Autumn - Blow Away the Extra Leaves

Autumn is a lot of people’s favourite season, you see the trees changing colour, leaves falling and birds beginning to migrate - romantic isn’t it? If nature gives you so much, shouldn’t you give back to it too? Watching those leaves fall is great, it creates the mood and sets the atmosphere. However keeping them there, on the floor or on the smaller shrubs in your backyard means whatever little sunlight your shrubs used to get is blocked too.
Solution - Blow away the leaves! It can be a task to hand pick every fallen leaf, but with an electric leaf blower you can reduce your manual labour by less than half. Blow away the leaves and accumulate them in one corner and then bag them up all together.
At least the little shrubs that are still green, will continue getting sunlight and stay green for a little longer. Making sure your backyard doesn’t look like a desert.


It’s not just your clothes and wardrobe that need to be refurbished, but your backyard too. We spend so much time, energy and money taking care of ourselves, if we spend even one-tenth of that time taking care of the nature around us, the world would be a better place for generations to come.

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