Five Basic Items You Need To Make Sure Your Baby Is Happy

Jack Trainor 30/08/2016

Babies and young children can be beautiful little creatures. As a parent you only ever want the best for your kids. So when life throws little challenges your way you want to have the appropriate tools to be able to make sure you and your little one are as happy and as healthy as can be. Unfortunately, young children get can turn from your little cherub into a tantrum throwing monster in a matter of not time if they are bored, uncomfortable, hungry or simply looking for some extra love and attention.

In order to keep your baby happy, we have thrown together five items we think are essential things you need to have ready to tackle everyday challenges you face as a parent of a new baby:


1. A Nappy Bag

We all know the primary purpose for a nappy bag. When your bub has a little accident in public and needs their nappy changed, these are the perfect solution to the issue. Without this, you could become extremely unpopular in public thanks to your baby’s smell.

But don’t be fooled, a nappy bag isn’t just used to store nappies or items for keeping your child clean and sanitary. Baby change bags can be used to store plenty of valuable items from the essentials of nappy changing, to bottles, books, toys and other entertainment devices. Avoid the whole circus show in supermarket aisles by carrying items that can preoccupy your child for some time. Nappy bags come with many compartments that you can use to your advantage to store whatever you think will keep your bub smiling and happy.


2. A Baby Thermometer

Whilst thermometers aren’t something we use often, they can play an important role in detecting illness within your child. Parents, especially mothers, are often instinctive when it comes to the well being of their baby but we need more than this to monitor health. With the help of a digital baby thermometer you can easily observe fluctuations in the temperature of your baby's body.

Modern baby thermometers come in a range of types, some can be worn at all times giving your baby extra support and some can also be used to monitor heart rate. Read the signs quickly and easily, with a gauge on your baby’s temperature you can be ready to take your child to the doctor in no time at all.


3. Nursing Pillows

Baby nursing pillows are designed to add cushioning to day to day activities. From pregnancy to cuddling and breastfeeding, nursing pillows help in creating a comfortable environment for both you and your baby. They take the strain out of daily tasks that can often take quite a bit of energy and make for a cosy place to relax so that you and your baby can sleep soundly.

Nursing Pillows are the perfect addition to any naptime. Not only can they be used when you and your baby are sleeping together, but can be used as your baby is still getting used to sleeping on their own. Give your child the support they need to get a good night sleep.


4. Baby Friendly Feeding Sets

Babies can be some of the fussiest eaters. They can be very selective about foods and may choose not to eat at all if it doesn’t suit their mood. In order to counter this, parents can choose baby feeding sets that make eating more of a friendly task. Steer clear of regular cutlery and choose a colourful plastic option. You can get baby options in cutlery and storage containers that make food exciting for your little prince or princess.


5. Baby Bath & Bathroom Accessories

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Just like feeding, getting your baby into a bathroom routine can be a struggle. But by starting early and having the right bathroom accessories you can turn bathtime into a fun activity. Baby baths are a good place to start, as it allows babies to become accustomed to water. As your child progresses, bath seats and bathroom toys can help to ease your child into a fun relationship with the tub.

These and other baby care products are fantastic ways to tackle everyday challenges and help your baby develop an acceptance for routine tasks. Remember to keep it fun, have variety and be prepared for accidents you normally wouldn't see coming. This will give you the very best chance at ensuring your baby stays happy and healthy.

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