Five Cheap Ways To Stay Warm Anywhere This Winter

Coleen Paller 27/06/2016

Australians are not very fond of winter in general, most areas of the country don’t even have snow. So when the cold hits hard, it isn’t surprising that many Aussies are grumbling and trying to find ways to stay cozy until the sun comes out again in spring. Here at MyDeal, we do our best to cope, in the heart of Melbourne city, where it nearly snowed last Friday.
Once you leave the comfort of your own home and heater for the winter commute, you may find these tips we have useful to keep warmth wherever you go.


1. Hand Warmers

Cheap and easy to use, hand warmers can be bought in multi-packs at cheap prices at many grocery and department stores. A small pack can cost up to a few dollars and can last you several days of warmth, with some individual packs lasting up to 16 hours. Keep them in your pocket as a small, portable heater.


2. Fleece Clothing

Trade a few undershirts and jackets for fleece-based ones. Not only are they more warm than cotton, but they will save you the trouble of having to wear more layers of clothing.


3. Touchscreen-Compatible Gloves

Many understand that gloves can be less than useful in winter since they render us unable to use our smartphones. But some gloves already have ‘touch-sensitive’ tips that still work with smartphone screens. Keep an eye out for them and get yourself a pair so you wouldn’t have to use that awkward stylus pen you never liked.


4. Infinity Scarf

Eliminate the long fly-away ends and complicated knots with the traditional scarf and switch to an infinity scarf. As the name implies, the scarf is one long loop that can be twisted once around the neck for an easy but warm look.


5. Turtle-neck Shirts

Not one for scarves? Warm shirts with turtle-necks are classy pieces that keep your neck warm without the need for scarves. It is also a unisex style, so anyone can wear a turtle-neck shirt to enhance their look.


When the degrees keep dropping (or Celsius, for the Americans out there), keep these tips in mind next time you switch your heater off and head off for the front door. It’ll feel as if you haven’t left home at all.

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