Five Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

Jack Trainor 16/09/2016

Getting a good night’s sleep is a very important factor in preparing for the day ahead. Your body needs rest and recovery after the strain of the day. That's why giving your sleep some thought is important and ensuring you are comfortably rested throughout the night should be a priority.

Sometimes we can sleep but still not feel completely rested by the time we wake up, this may be due to disturbances throughout the night or simply because we struggle to reach that deep sleep. Not sure how you can get a better sleep? No worries, here are five easy ways you can do just that:


1. Establish A Routine For Winding Down

Sometimes we hit that pillow so quickly that our brain doesn't have time to catch up with our body to relax. Before getting into bed, take time to relax and and slow down, you’ll calm both your mind and body so that you can enter a deeper sleep more rapidly.


2. Get Active During The Day

Exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy. But quite often we don’t think about other benefits, one of those being our sleep. By using up energy during the day you have more chance of tiring out your body for the night, creating a need for rest and recovery.


3. Make Your Bedroom Sleep Friendly

A good sleep starts with a good bed. Make your bed as cosy, calm and warm as possible. Deck it out with bedding features that create a sense of calmness and comfort. You’re mind will adjust better to comfortable surroundings. Maybe it’s even time to upgrade your bed, with hundreds of mattress sales online everyday, now’s the time to create that comfortable cloud.


4. Try To Keep The Same Sleep Routine On Weekends

Often Friday and Saturday nights mean that we stay up later than we usually would. Late dinners, partying, socialising with friends or watching the game can throw your sleep cycle out. Don’t lose sleep, be ready when going out by taking a portable bed with you or encouraging your guests to hit the hay early with a comfortable air mattress bed.


5. Give Up Technology During The Night

Often the light and function of our devices and electrical appliances can put a halt to a good night’s sleep. Catching an episode of your favourite show or keeping up to date with social media keeps our brains active. So put down the device or switch off the tv and use your time to focus on sleep. You’ll get a better quality sleep, feel refreshed in the morning and ready to take on the day ahead.

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