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Formal 2015 Guide

Sarah Redford 28/09/2015

It is that time of the year again. High school formals are the cause of a lot of panic as they require preparation, research and deliberation. Every year trends change and it is hard to keep up or know where to look. We all want to look amazing on our special day but it requires a lot of effort. There are many elements you have to consider such as your outfit, hairstyle, shoes, makeup and spray tan. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start but luckily we have some formal tips and ideas that will help decide on your finished look.

1. Hairstyles

  • Short hair styles: If you have short hair there are a variety of things you can do to create a polished evening look. If you have hair that above shoulder length, you may feel restricted however celebrity hair stylists have proven that this is not the case. The best thing you could do for inspiration is research celebrity hair styles, in particular Victoria Beckham’s hair. She always delivers on this aspect of her style and it look easy to achieve. If you want a drastic hair makeover to wow your friends at school you could add hair extensions, ensuring that you integrate them well with your natural hair by copying texture and having a good colour match. A good example of natural looking hair extensions is Kylie Jenner’s long black hair extensions which her stylist clips in. Since not all of us can afford a hair stylist you can purchase them online for a cheaper price and watch DIY hair extension videos. Bellami Hair Extensions are cheap, easy to use and great for beginners.
  • Hairstyles for long hair: Putting your hair up is great for outfits with a high neck line as it will lengthen your neck and draw attention to your face. Slicked back pony tails are currently on trend and create a clean cut look. If you have a prominent jaw line or cheek bones it is something to consider. Wearing a bun is a classic style which can’t go wrong and is perfect for an elegant dress. At New York Fashion Week the most standout hairstyle that will definitely be on trend for the rest of 2015 was side parted hair with relaxed curls. Diane Von Furstenberg created this look using a curling wand, heated rollers and a large amount of hair spray. A style which you cannot go wrong with is relaxed natural waves with a clean hair part. You can achieve this with a hair dryer and a round hair brush. If you are not confident in your styling skills you can always visit a salon.

2. Evening Dresses or Gowns

  • Semi-formal dresses: If you want to look effortlessly stunning, do not go over the top with a long evening gown or sparkles. Wear a midi dress in classic colours such as red, white or black.

Source: Outfits Hunter

  • Evening gowns: A classic bandeau floor length dress is an easy option for those who are unsure of what to wear. This style is universally flattering and collaborates well with any hair style or makeup look.
  • Jumpsuit or Playsuit: If you have an edgy style and want to stand out, a jumpsuit or playsuit is the perfect formal outfit. Not only are they on trend, they provide a sense of sophistication and class. Boohoo sell a wide variety of jumpsuits and playsuits that are cheap and on trend.

3. Accessories

  • Shoes: The most on trend shoes at the moment are lace up or strappy heels. If you want a play it safe, a barely there two strap heel in black or nude will suit any outfit.
  • Clutch: If you are having trouble choosing a clutch, select a clutch colour based on your shoe colour.
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