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Four Ways To Refresh & Reinvigorate Your Home This Spring

Jack Trainor 20/09/2016

Throughout winter, the cold really takes a toll on everyone and everything, including your home. Your home is your kingdom and the last thing you want to do is keep it feeling cold and looking lacklustre. So get working this spring and spruce it up a bit with a refreshing change that will not only impress your guests but will be something you admire waking up to everyday at home.

There are some easy yet effective ways you can transform your home this spring so take note and get inspired with this helpful how-to guide:


Out With The Old, In With The New

Decluttering and getting rid of those things you’ve been holding onto for no real reason is a great way to start. Move on from those things that are outdated and bring a new style to your house.

Take photos for example, you could replace old photos with more recent snaps of the family. Affix them to walls rather than just having them on your phone and computer, but make sure you are well equipped to do so. There are ladders for sale online that can help you do this and any other makeovers that might mean you have to reach inconvenient places of your home.


Give It A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Nothing says fresh like a new coat of paint. Go about it your own way with different coloured walls and ceilings that keep people guessing. If you feel creative get yourself some access platform equipment and paint your very own mural. Whether you're looking to paint inside or out you’ll feel revitalised with new colours and surroundings that are appealing to the eye.


Give In To Nature

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your home is by embracing the natural world. Whether it’s sunlight, plants, water features or a new pet, adding a touch of nature could really help in creating a tranquil environment for you and your family. Nature such as plants release oxygen into the air and natural compounds that help to purify the air allowing you to breath easier and relax.


Open Up Your Home

Feeling stuffy and confined in your home? Opening windows and doors is an easy way to fix this but why not add a little bit extra to your home? If you’re in need of storage space think up towards the attic. You can turn your roofing into a place to store things or you could even turn it into your very own artistic studio. Open up a world of possibilities by creating a functional roof with an attic access ladder.

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