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Fresh Ideas To Brighten & Liven Your Backyard

Jack Trainor 17/10/2016

Bring your outdoor area to life this spring. It’s the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and immerse yourself in the warmth of the sun. You need an outdoor setting that is comfortable, in touch with nature and can host the ultimate BBQ for your family and friends.

Nothing beats getting together and sharing a meal alfresco style during the Australian spring and summer time. The sun brings a lively energy to your home and your patio area should reflect that same feeling. Here are three easy ways you can do just that to create a warm and welcoming vibe that will brighten up your days at home and inspire your guests to do the same.


Style With Vibrant Outdoor Furniture

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Great outdoor tables and chairs are at the heart of creating a beautiful space for you and your family to enjoy nature. You may think that aged and expired furniture adds character but often it hinders the appearance of your setting.

Take the time to select furniture that best suits your style or the theme of your garden. Vibrant new features can reinvigorate your space and give you a new excuse to spend countless hours in the backyard. Whilst you may think it can be an expensive process, you can easily find affordable outdoor furniture on clearance that still creates a buzz.


Keep It Clean & Green

You’ll be inspired simply by making sure your backyard garden area is neat and tidy. Plant new trees, flowers and shrubs and keep things like furniture unexposed to the elements with shelters such as tarps or outdoor chair covers. You’ll increase the longevity and life of your garden area and make sure that your features maintain their quality.

Ensuring that clutter does not accumulate, you prevent mess and alleviate the chance of encountering a dull or ugly backyard while instead creating a place of enjoyment.


Introduce Some Fun & Games

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To liven up your outdoor setting even further and spend more time in your garden, add features of excitement such as recreational sports or fun games to play with the family. You’ll be amazed at how entertaining your backyard will become with the inclusion of a dart board, ping pong table or badminton set. Your kids will love it and so will your guests. By adding a fun feature, you’ll amp up the energy in your garden and create a place for socialising and interacting.

Give your backyard a twist of excitement. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with a simple update, regular cleaning and a splash of amusement.

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