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Get Fit & Fab In Time For Summer

MyDeal Team 18/11/2016

Summer is the season to shed those layers of clothing we’ve been hiding behind the past few months, so who wouldn’t want to be looking their best?


Everyone has their method of choice when it comes to losing a few pounds or simply shaping up. From low-carb diets to extreme workouts or even week-long detoxes, many people have tried them all in an effort to shed weight in time for long summer days at the beach. But maybe a better approach would be to take the advice of professionals.

Staying safe on your road to feeling fit and fabulous is paramount. Although determination and hardwork are both essential factors, you won’t achieve anything without the knowledge of what works! So here are 5 tips you can use to shape up and feel confident this summer:


1. Berries & Bananas

Take advantage of the delicious healthy food available during the summer seasons, and load up on fresh fruit for snacks instead of crisps or other unhealthy food. Adding a variety of berries to your diet ensures your body is ingesting antioxidants, which means this food choice helps you boost your health and lose weight simultaneously.

Both berries and bananas also have fibre which many of us lack in our diets, and the latter ensures you are getting enough potassium to fuel you through all those workouts you’ll be doing out in the sunshine! Not to mention, these fruits are convenient snacks, easy to carry to work or the gym, or even make them into a delicious berry-banana smoothie to kick off your summery mornings.


2. Explosive Workouts

Eating right is only one part of the equation, and keeping fit requires keeping your body physically engaged in effective ways! Certain workouts help you blast fat quicker, and achieve those results you are looking for faster.

Exercise physiologist Jennifer Smallridge explains why explosive workouts are her number one tip for shaping up your physique for summer.

“Explosive, whole body movements which burn heaps of calories in a single effort (e.g. burpees, squat jumps) to get more bang for your buck! Many of these movements can be performed at home with minimal equipment, or by using hand weights or XR slides to add to the challenge."

Jennifer is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with 5 years clinical experience in private practice, specialising in weight loss.

She works at Sports Med Biologic - Follow them on Facebook & Instagram

3. Limit Alcoholic Beverages

Summer is the perfect time to take a little cleanse from alcohol and opt instead for fruit juices, blended smoothies or an iced coffee. Drinking alcohol wastes precious calories, without adding any nutritional value to your diet. So have a think and pick carefully what you want to treat yourself to.

Alternatively, opt for lighter alcoholic beverages. Drinks such as wine spritzers or sangria are summery, less calorie-dense, refreshing options that you can indulge in with less worry about the effect it will have on your body. Never forget to keep hydrated by drinking water throughout the day, which will keep your body healthy, help with weight loss and make your skin glow.


4. Healthy Breakfasts

It’s no secret that many people try to cut down on meals to reduce the calories in their diet during their weight-loss process. But your first meal of the day is definitely not the time to be skimping on food. Instead, just make informed choices on what you should be having first thing in the morning.

Julia Lawson, qualified nutritionist and healthy food blogger, shares her advice on what you should be making for a healthy but satisfying breakfast.

“My best tip to getting a summer body is to start each day with a healthy breakfast packed full of fibre, protein, whole-grains and healthy fats - think a loaded smoothie bowl with fruit, chia seeds, oats and yogurt, or scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast with avocado, spinach and tomato.

This will help keep you full for hours, shut down those mid-morning sugar cravings and give you plenty of slow-release fuel to power your workouts.”

You can check out more of Julia’s health and fitness tips as well as recipes on her Facebook and Instagram pages.


5. Mindset Is Key

We often hear the phrase ‘lifestyle choice’, being encouraged as opposed to crash diets, detoxes and quick-fixes. It is completely true that the mindset with which you approach this process will determine whether you are successful and if your results are long-term.

Changing your lifestyle means more than just eating healthy and exercising. It could include setting realistic results, aiming for personal growth or simply making sure you get eight hours or more of sleep per night, all of which are easier said than done. No matter what you choose to do, try and align your personal life goals with your weight loss process, and your entire journey to fitness and wellbeing will become a lost easier!

So make the most of these tips and work towards being the best version of yourself this summer. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or just start being a little healthier, we could all use a health and fitness tip or two. Fueling your body with the right food and staying active either at a home gym, using an exercise bike or enjoying the outdoors will not only improve your appearance, but you will be glowing with happiness and confidence all summer long! 

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