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How a Good Night’s Sleep Keeps You Kicking Goals

Lilly Carr 13/07/2015

The 21st century… a time full of technology that supposed to make our lives easier, and yet we all seem to be working harder, and for longer hours. It seems to be a bit of an oxymoron really, doesn’t it?

One of the many things that suffers from a busier lifestyle is sleep. It’s seen as something that’s necessary, to some even an annoyance. But if we take a look at all the incredible benefits a good sleeping pattern brings with it, we can begin to understand that it’s something that we should definitely not be neglecting:

Physical health improvements on a grand scale

You’d better believe that for natural remedies to a myriad health issues, a good sleep schedule is of paramount importance. Getting proper sleep will fight against some really serious problems like diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and more. You’ll even be less likely to pick up illnesses, as it promotes a better immune system to help fight off things like the common cold.

Momentous mental health improvements

Remember that time when…

Do you find yourself a touch cloudy in the memory department? You may not be getting enough shut-eye. When you’re in the land of nod, the memories you have acquired throughout the day are strengthened. You’ll also have a much better concentration span, allowing you a greater focus and standard of work. To add to this, the creative process is said to be turbocharged due to your brain seemingly ‘restructuring’ your memories and unearthing more emotional mechanisms.

On top of it all, your mood will increase and you’ll be happier in general.

How to ensure a good slumber

There really are endless pointers and tips out there. We believe the 5 most important things to do are:

1. Buy a quality bed. Doesn’t matter if it’s a single mattress or Shaq’s size, make sure it’s comfortable and sturdy for your neck and back’s sake.

2. Create a sleep schedule. Go to sleep/wake up at the same time every day, workday or not. We’re all creatures of habit, so take advantage.

3. Eat healthy and exercise. These directly affect how well you’re sleeping, so get them in check.

4. Avoid big meals and caffeine before bed. Keep in mind that tea can have more caffeine in it than coffee, so trying to ‘relax’ before bed with a hot tea can have adverse effects.

5. Relaxation techniques just before bed. Practicing breathing techniques can prepare your mind and body for a great sleep.

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