How To Choose A Pet That Suits Your Personality & Lifestyle

Sheridan Hessing 25/02/2016

Choosing a pet is a serious decision, as depending on the animal, you may be signing up to 20+ year commitment. That’s why it’s important that the pet you settle on is easily integrated into your life in a way that makes both you and them happy. Particular animals definitely suit certain lifestyles and personalities more than others, so which one is right for you?

A Dog

Man’s best friend, the perfect companion, ideal for everyone right? Dogs do make great buddies, and they love being around people. Unless they’re the nervous type, they thrive in busy environments, and are great entertainment when you have friends around. Their nature is social, and they’re great if you’re after a permanent friend. They’re easily trained, so if you’re looking for a pet to perform a specific purpose, you can’t go past a dog. Whilst they can be left at home all day while you’re at work, they get lonely quickly and are happiest when they have company. If you’re the kind of person who has plans every night and barely spends time at home, a dog probably isn’t right choice for you. Alternatively, you can get two dogs so they can keep each other company.

A Cat

Cats are known for their independance and their attitude, making them ideal pets for people who want a furry pet with personality, but don’t have the time or patience for a dog. You can easily leave them to their own devices for days or weeks at a time, just as long as you remember to feed them. If you have a busy lifestyle but still crave a little animal companionship every now and again, a cat will suit you really well. They’re also much better for smaller homes or apartments without backyards, as they don’t need to be confined by your property’s walls - the whole world is their playground! Just keep in mind that cats always think of themselves as the boss and are nowhere near as obedient as most other pets. They pretty much do what they like, and can be extremely frustrating to try and control.

Guinea Pig or Rabbit

Classic childhood pets, guinea pigs and rabbits are simple creatures that give you the best of both worlds when it comes to being available to snuggle, but not being in your face all the time. You can pick them up whenever you like and they won’t object, and put them away when you’re done. However because they live in a confined space, you need to have the commitment to clean out their space at least once a week. This can be a messy, unpleasant job, and if it isn’t done your pet can get really uncomfortable. If you know you won’t have the motivation, the time or the stomach to do this, it’s probably not a good commitment to make. Additionally, if you’re looking for an animal you can play and interact with, a placid bunny is likely to bore you to death!

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