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How to Create your Own Home Bar for Under $200

Patrick Hurley 1/07/2016

Going out for a drink with a few friends has always been a great way to cap off the end of the work week. Just going to your local bar, and having a few beverages has been a popular choice especially in the Australian culture. However, changes have occurred within our society. People tend to have drinks at their workplace on a Friday night, or enjoy having drinks at home.

At home, you’re in a complete comfort zone. No need to worry about how you’re getting home or if you’re able to drive. You can just relax and enjoy your night. Thus, why creating your own bar is a great idea for your home. Gone are the days of large wooden bars in the pool room, bars in your home have become incredibly sophisticated. You can use any materials you want, make it any size you want and on an incredibly low budget.

Here are some ways to create an amazing bar area in your home for under $200:

1) Curved Leather Gas Lift Bar Stools- Black $66

Having a great bar area isn’t complete without some incredibly comfy bar stools. The bar stools for sale online are made with PVC leather seat coverings, the bar stools are great for the relaxing experience you are wanting in your home. The structured design is made from sturdy steel and has a beautiful chrome finish. The finish is corrosion resistant, giving you bar stools that have long durability and amazing quality.

2) Wine Rack Storage System Pinewood Timber $49

Wine racks are a great way to solve a problem that any wine collector would understand. Having enough storage for your alcohol can be incredibly annoying, as it can take up a lot of real estate in your bar area. Using a smartly design wine rack can keep your bar organised, and elegant without taking up the room. The high quality pine wood that is used in this structure gives a completely different feel to other wine racks. Contemporary, modern and sleek, the wine racks can hold from anywhere between 20 to 120, without taking up prime real estate.

3) Recycled Door Bar Station $100

Whilst purchasing a bar outright will cost you way more than $200, creating your own can cost you as little as $100. This recycled door bar station is simple to create, and can be created at home. Using an old door and side table pieces, you are creating your own bar station that has sophistication, personality and incorporates the style of your home. With a DIY attitude, you can create your own bar station for you and your mates to hang out at every Friday night.

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