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How to Decorate A Kid's Bedroom for Under $200

Patrick Hurley 30/06/2016

Decorating in your family home can be an incredibly rewarding and fun experience. Whilst it may be difficult, once you see all the pieces come together, it becomes relieving and rewarding to see the hard work and decisions pay off in a great way. Whilst the rooms you use might be easy to decorate, doing another person’s bedroom can be an incredibly difficult task. In particular, your child’s bedroom can be a major headache when it comes to redecorating.

Whilst children may want something that’s going to cost a large wad of cash, that is more than likely not going to happen. Plus, within 6 months or so, the likelihood of your child wanting to change the layout and design of their bedroom is pretty damn high. Custom-made furniture for children can be incredibly well-made, however the price and style of these products can leave a lot to be desired.

However, it is possible that you can create a brand new look to your child’s bedroom, without going passed the budget of $200 for children's bedroom furniture.

1) Toy Storage Box Bins w/ Handles

Apart of redecorating your child’s room, the important aspect that parents seem to forget for their children's bedroom: less is more. Having more than 2 large pieces of Kid’s furniture in a child's bedroom can make the room incredibly claustrophobic. They don’t need TV Units, bookcases and toy boxes within their bedroom. Just stick to one furniture piece and make it the main entertainment area in their room. Using a storage bin made from quality wood, can be easily converted to being an open toy box and TV cabinet, with plenty of storage for DVD’s and BluRays.

2) Single Size Roll Out Bed

When decorating your child’s room, it’s important to keep in mind that they are going to grow up incredibly fast. You’ll remember taking them to their first day of primary school, and then they are ten asking to have friends over for sleepovers. It can be confronting, however it is important to be ahead of the change and be prepared. Having a simple solution of a single bed roll away under their bed will allow for your child’s friend to stay over obstructing any other room space.

3) Do-It Yourself, Kiddies

Sometimes, the kid’s furniture that they have in their room doesn’t need to be replaced. Getting new furniture for the sake of getting new furniture is incredibly silly. Make some fun out of changing the look of your child’s room, and get them in the action. Paint the walls, help hammer a nail into their new toy box, allow them to feel apart of the experience. It’s their room after all.

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