How To Entertain Your Little One

Jack Trainor 2/09/2016

Having a baby and taking care of certain routine tasks can be a difficult balancing act. You try to entertain your child as much as you can and keep them distracted whilst you tend to chores like paying the bills, keeping your exercise routine or cooking meals. But sometimes you need a little help to keep their brain active and prevent them from getting bored.

Here are some great ways to keep your little one entertained whilst you take care of business:

Keep Them Active With Interactive Toys

It’s well known that children love to play. Toys are a great way to entertain and distract children whilst parents carry on with daily chores and house duties. But what happens when they quickly bore of their rubber ducky or doll? You need something that's not just going to work their imagination but something that will keep them active and stimulated for too. Whilst babies can be entertained by just soaking in the world around them, a baby activity gym might be the perfect toy to keep them playing and laughing for hours.

You could set them in front of the television or give them a book to look at but for even more amusement, and especially for those bubs on the move, walkers are the way to go. With fun, interactive features, baby walkers for sale can be found online and allow you the chance to get things done whilst your child is engaged in fun.

Let Them Participate In Your Daily Activities

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy and happy, but as a parent of a young child it can be difficult to find time to go for a job or cycle without your little one. Instead of trying to find someone to care for them whilst you work on your fitness why not incorporate them? Child bike trailers can be so helpful in these circumstances, you can take your child for a bike ride without taking your eye off them. Many of these are designed to convert into a jogger as well, so you can take your little guy or girl out walking and running.

Teach Them That Independence Is Fun

A tough task for any parent is slowly letting your little one experience independence. But it is good to encourage little tots to do things for themselves otherwise they may find it difficult to go off on their own when settling into kindergarten or school. Teaching them to be independent from a young age can be influenced through routine tasks like going to the toilet.

Toilet training can take some time, but can be progressively helped by using a kids potty. Potties help children to make baby steps towards the toilet from nappies. You can teach them to take initiative by rewarding them when they do something on their own like taking themselves to the potty. This will reaffirm them that they are doing a good thing and will give you more of a chance to get things done as they feel empowered to do things themselves.

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