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How to Fight The Flu the Natural Way

Mituri Pradip Sharma - Nimveda Australia 9/11/2016

We’re all gearing up for another scrumptious Spring/Summer season around the corner but if you’re anything like me, you’re still warding the evil forces of the Winter Flu (or even that torturous, tumultuous Hay fever tirade), with stubborn lingering remnants that are refusing to budge.

But, don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered with some powerful natural remedies that are going to help you kick the virus to the curb.

Ready for more?

Of course you are!

Is it just me or is the Flu getting worse every year?

Like all living things, viruses are becoming smarter with experience. Though the flu vaccination is a tempting alternative for many of us, many fear that immunisations may perhaps assist with strengthening bacterial defence systems making it a tougher fight for our antibodies. There is no scientific proof that this does occur however.

Ancient, natural solutions to dealing with, and often preventing viruses are making a comeback for good reason. These earthly fixes have limited (and in many cases) no side effects, making the daily uses of them a no brainer for many of us. Another added advantage to this formidable mix of a power shot is the good wholesome nutritional value many of these remedies contain which is making many of us ask why didn’t we do this sooner!?

Turmeric that Sore Throat away

This ancient Ayurvedic remedy is not only known to keep the horrible effects of the flu (congested chests and sore throats) at bay, making this part of your daily ritual ensures that you protect yourself from arthritic pain and inflammation of the joints and muscles for life.

All you have to do is combine one teaspoon in a warm glass of milk and drink twice daily. For those of us who have a bit of a sweet tooth, try mixing some organic honey to the concoction.

Lemon Juice to the Rescue!

Combine the powerful benefits of Vitamin C and Honey first thing in the morning and you will never go wrong.

Not only is Lemon a great source of vitamin C, coupled with the wonderful immune building and anti-oxidant components of Organic Honey, we’re not surprised this magical gift from Mother Nature has the flu and annoying pollen shaking in their menacing boots.

Mix the juice from half a freshly squeezed Organic Lemon with a teaspoon of Organic Honey in lukewarm water and drink first thing in the morning. This is a morning power drink packing a three way punch, it’s great for weight loss (just in time for the Summer bikini), it’s great for your skin and it’ll build your immune system to a level that’s going to have the Hulk green (or greener) with envy.

Spice up your diet with some Fresh, Natural Food

The fact is that there is no comprehensive proof that organic is actually better for you.

It makes sense to use what Earth has created for us seeing as we’re just one of her many creations. It’s interesting how every continent has managed to come up with something useful naturally for its inhabitants. India has Neem (The Tree of the 21st Century as declared by the United Nations), Australia has Tea Tree Oil, the United States has Echinacea while Europe has Geranium. Nature’s made it so there’s something for everyone.

What this signals to Organic enthusiasts is that the environment knows best. There’s a reason why certain plants and herbs are native to the areas that they are and only grow in the seasons they do. Mother Nature knows her stuff. Your body requires the nutrients and properties that seasonal fruits and vegetables are composed of at the time they grow and flourish in order to remain healthy and active!

Your body wants organic and naturally made and grown produce and though there is no official proof that you need it, I would personally rather rely on my internal organs knowing best than what some scientist (possibly financed or aligned to some large multinational) is preaching.

Now go kick some Flu Butt!

There you have it.

Three extremely simple, amazingly fast and potently natural ways to ensure you and your family’s health into the fun filled summer holiday season.

Don’t be bogged down by the pesky pain and lethargy the flu and hay fever brings with it, equip yourself with these easy to follow natural, ancient practices today and build your immune system to a level that will make the viruses and pollens want to pass on attacking your powerhouse of antibodies.

Do you have any other natural remedies to fighting against the flu? Let us know in the Comments.


Mituri believes you never stop learning which is why she believes there is still more to know about when it comes to Mother Nature. As a previous Journalist, PR Specialist, Editor and Reviewer, she has worked for News Corp as a Journalist, Editor and IT Specialist, a variety of online mediums and local newspapers as well as for Australia’s second largest Publishing House, Express Publications. These days she’s doing PR (amongst many other roles like nearly every entrepreneur on the planet) for her Organic based/Certified Organic brand Nim-Véda Australia (www.nimveda.com). Go check it out.


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