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How to Gain More Space in Your Bedroom

Emma Darrel 13/07/2015

When you think of a bedroom you imagine an inviting environment, natural lighting, beautiful furniture and a comfortable bed. But what if your room is so cluttered that you can’t relax? The size of your room can have a major impact on your enjoyment. When you’re struggling for space you can struggle to find peace. Maximise on your small room and return to inner peace with the following tips.

Choose the Right Colours

If you have a small space, dark walls and a dim ceiling will only make it seem even smaller. Consider splashing out and repainting with some neutral colours. A white ceiling and lighter walls will open the area visually. Natural light will enhance this effect as will adding neutral colours to your linen and furniture. If you desire to have a dark feature within the space, consider painting one of the smaller walls in a feature colour, or adding darker cushions and accessories to your bed or chairs.

Utilise Your Wall Space

Many homeowners forget that space can be found by lifting things off the floor. It sounds simple and truthfully, it is! Rather than having a large bookshelf which takes up floor space, consider a floating shelf above your headboard. Not only do you turn the empty space into a functional area of the room, but you also add a new feature piece to the overall design.

Another way to gain space without getting rid of your items is to consider a wall mounted audio visual system. Rather than taking up space on your drawers or having a useless television cabinet, mount your TV to the wall.

Scale Down Your Bed Size

If you’re struggling for space, consider if you really need that king sized bed. Downsizing your bed can be the easiest and quickest way to gain extra room. Choose a queen size mattress and select a bed frame that offers under-bed storage drawers. This will not only help you gain floor room, but provide you with extra storage to minimise your clutter. Store your shoes and winter clothing in the drawers to make the most of your wardrobe area as well.

By utilising your space wisely your small room can feel like a palace. Simple changes to your layout, colour scheme and bed size can make it seem like you’ve upgraded to the largest room in the house. Get your relaxation in order through a few simple space saving techniques, and enjoy your bedroom for more than just sleep.

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