How To Get Through The Winter Without Using Your House Heater

Coleen Paller 28/06/2016

Whether your house heater is the old, spooky-ringing type or just too new and a little heavy on the electricity bill, there’s too many reasons to hesitate before turning it on. You may have found ways to stay warm outside, but what about inside? The good news is, you actually don’t need it as much as you think you do. Unless your house is buried in metres of snow (which is impossible in most areas of Australia), you don’t have to pull the big guns out just yet when you get the shivers.


Switch To Warmer Materials

Forget the cotton shirts and thin cardigans at home. Invest in fleece and flannel clothing, and don’t be embarrassed to stock up on bathrobes and fluffy slippers with a warm lining. For the more creative and courageous, purchase some onesies- they’re not just for kids but are quickly becoming more popular with adults as well. They’re warm, comfortable and actually quite cute (if cute is not your style, just get a plain one).


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Use Only A Small Heater

For a few bucks you can get a small, portable heater you can move through various parts of your home easily. The bonus point is that they use very little energy (be sure to check the efficiency ratings before purchasing, though) and can be used only whenever you need them. Beside your bed when you sleep, when you change or just after a shower, whenever you need the warmth. No need to wait for the main heater to warm up, start, then fade away.


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Upgrade Your Bedding

Is your doona several years old (hopefully not generations old) and thinning out? Start thinking about getting wool doonas, optimally alpaca and sheep wool, that will make your bed several times warmer. If you’re looking for doonas in Australia, it’s easy to order online as there is plenty of supply (we export the stuff!). It’s a better investment than an electric blanket in the long run.


Burn A Candle

Score two birds with one stone. Burn a large scented candle close to your workspace or where you spend most of your time. Not only will your house smell great, it’s a quick hand heater.


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Use A Hot Water Bottle

Take an empty water bottle, fill it up with hot water and seal with its twist cap/lid. Done. There’s your hand warmer for the house that will last you hours. Place it inside your pockets or wrap it with a small, dry towel to preserve its warmth for much longer.


You don’t have to dread the electricity bill when wintertime comes. A little bit of creativity and economical thinking is all you need to bring those numbers back down.

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