How To Have A Garden Party With Just 6 Items

Author : Coleen Paller.  Published on : 5/07/2016

Having a great garden party is meant to relieve us of stress so we can have a good time, instead of being a source of stress. Easy and minimalist is the way to go- as well as keeping the theme. Surprisingly, many people don’t often properly plan their garden parties, and buy things for the party as they go.

But at the core of it all, there are six core items that are essential to successfully host a garden party.


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1. Themed Cutlery Set

Don’t settle for plain plastic cups and plates, most of which you have to buy separately. Find at least a colored or themed set that you can purchase altogether (usually found in party stores) as a big package so you’ll have everything you need, and they all match.


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2. Cake/Centerpiece

Depending on the type of garden party you are aiming for, you can ground the whole theme and purpose of the party with a cake or any other centerpiece food to tie it all together. Aside from cake, you can have a chocolate fountain or even a fruit/candy buffet.


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3. Steak (Or A Fancy Dish)

Besides your centerpiece, guests should also be able to spoil themselves with a secondary dish. This could easily be grilled food, a special salad or even specially-made sandwiches (catered food can also be a more general solution).


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4. Streamers

Decorate your garden party with themed or colored streamers in order to give the space some atmosphere. Make sure to set them against walls or if they are up in the air that they are well above head height so there will be no mishaps. If streamers are too simple, you can always go for lanterns (or both, because why not?).


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5. Treats

Whether chocolate, candy or any other various desserts, it’s important to have finger food available for the guests aside from just the centerpiece and any other large dishes. Make sure to buy them altogether to save you time and trouble.


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6. Tablecloths

As the final touch, have the appropriate tablecloths for all the tables in your garden party. Disposable tablecloths are best for quick clean-ups, so once the cutlery and plates are gone, all you need to do is gather the tablecloths and throw them out. Clean-ups shouldn’t be stressful either.


Now you’re ready to have a garden party, but make sure you don’t forget any of these things. Where it is depends on you and your garden, you can even have it in a small garden shed if you want to avoid bad weather. If you have all six elements, you already have all that you need to make a great garden party. And of course, if you want to add more then do so- just don’t stress yourself out!

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