How To Have A Successful BBQ Party In Winter

Coleen Paller 26/08/2016

Almost everyone is afraid to go outside for long periods of time during winter. It is hard to get toasty warm and sometimes when there is a lot of wind and rain it can really turn you off from stepping outside. Of course, this is all understandable, but this shouldn’t discourage you from having fun outside completely. You can still have great fun while it is freezing outside.

The key to enjoying the outdoors in winter is to have the right installments for warmth and comfort, to keep you wanting to stay outside and enjoying the fresh air. Grab these items, a portable bbq and some blankets and you’ll soon be out all the time.



Make sure that whatever food you have outside doubles as a heat source. You can go for the traditional bonfire or campfire and fry and cook meats or smores on it. Or you can try having something fancier and bigger like an outdoor rotisserie spit so you can make more if you have a larger gathering outside. Have enough charcoal to keep the wood burning and pick the right type of fire that retains more heat.


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Outdoor Heater

Sometimes a fire or just a cooking place with heat is not enough. Install an additional heat source, like an outdoor heater, some distance away from your fire. This can act as a guard so that you can ensure the space in between will always be warm, being flanked on both sides by heat. Outdoor heaters aren’t always pricey so make sure to scour a few stores for great deals on them.


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Mulled Wine

One of the best ways to warm up during winter is to make mulled wine, a sweet yet hot wine with fruits for amazing flavour. This is very easy to make at home and will definitely warm anyone within minutes. With its flavourful and sweet taste, it is very different to most types of alcohol that tend to be bitter as it tastes very similar to juice.


Start enjoying the outdoor beauty winter can offer, before it fades into the next season, with these great elements.

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