How To Have A Warm, Cozy Winter Gathering Outdoors

Coleen Paller 2/08/2016

It seems like the outdoors are dreaded, almost avoided during the winter. People avoid going outside for too long, resulting in many neglecting to spend time in their nice yards and gardens basically most of this season. Which makes sense, with the constant rain and chill, it is tempting to go back inside and be warm there instead.

But there is something almost adventurous in spending time outside with nature while still managing to resist the cold, and that is very much possible. More possible than you think. Have these elements installed in your backyard or frontyard and you’ll be set.


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Warm Food And Drinks

While everyone knows how to make their typical hot chocolate and other heated foods, you can definitely try more exotic selections such as mulled wine. This is a hot, fruity wine that is very effective in warming any one’s body. Have some hot, mulled wine available on your outdoor dining table as a pot or cauldron that anyone can help themselves to.


Furniture Warmers

Of course, your outdoor furniture units will most likely be cold and hard to relax on, but you can easily solve this by making them warm themselves. Besides using commercial warmers that will fade away after a few hours, you can always utilise large hot water bottles that you can put under the cushions or within the gaps of furniture like outdoor garden chairs.


Outdoor Light/Heat

Once you have warmth within your furniture you can also take care of the atmosphere nearby by having an outdoor heater installed. A glowing outdoor heater that can serve as a light source as well will be even more effective. You can opt for a bonfire but this will not be optimal if you do not like smell of smoke or having to supply firewood.


With food, close proximity heat and a heated area, it will be just the same as if you were inside. But this time, you can watch the sky and the stars and enjoy the view with friends and family without any fuss.

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