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How To Improve The Look & Function Of Your Pool

Sheridan Hessing 17/03/2016

Pools can make or break a backyard. Well looked after and well thought-out, they bring a tropical tranquility that improves any outdoor area. Left to their own devices too long and without styling, they can be big bowls of muck that stick out like a sore thumb in otherwise maintained areas. But it’s not just keeping the water clean that’s involved. The thought put into how a pool functionals with the rest of the backyard and how its stylised is extremely important. Consider these 4 elements when installing or improving your pool and it’s surrounding area!


One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a pool instantly more alluring is with the right lighting. Submerged lights make it look as if the whole body of water is glowing, which looks magical from any angle. Coloured lights can also really change the feel of a pool. If installing lights into the sides of the pool is a bit too much work (or your pool is above ground) floating lights can work just as well if not better.

Pool islands

Placing structures or greenery islands in the middle of pools looks insanely cool, and allows a spot for jumping off and chilling out. When put to good use, they can be a reason to get in the pool in the first place. Once again though, installation of permanent islands can be rather expensive, so getting creative can often be a better option. Old barrels stacked on top of each other can act as the supports for a middle-of-the-pool bar, a stand for pot plants, or just as a jumping platform.


Pools in themselves are very social structures - the amount of friends you gain in summer when you have one is often unfathomable! If your pool is tucked in a far corner, or a long way from the decking, bring the people to them by making them a social centre. The addition of a shade creating structure (such as a gazebo or outdoor umbrella) along with some seating and a somewhere to place food and drink, and you’ll never be able to get people away from it! Buying umbrellas, sun lounges and bar stools online is the cheapest option here, and allows you the most choice.


One of the hardest things about decorating an above ground pool is that unless you invest in expansive and expensive decking, it can be hard to hide the rather ugly outer surface of the pool. So instead of trying to tuck it away, try decorating instead! Taking to the outer panels with some paint or even tile it! This be a really fun creative project, and you can tailor it entirely to the feel of your backyard, whatever it might be. If you’re feeling really creative you can also colour in the inner surface of the pool. No matter how clean the water, it’ll look nicer floating over a mural than blank ground!

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