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How To Increase The Wow Factor Of Your Child’s Room

Coleen Paller 1/09/2016

Children are very excitable and are mainly stimulated by what they see and hear in any room. As a bedroom should always be a haven, you can easily make your child’s bedroom their ultimate sanctuary by decorating it to the best it can be. This way, not only will they feel welcome and safe within it but it will also elicit their awe and amazement. After all, this is the best way to capture their attention.

The key is to change certain elements in their room to reflect their personalities and favourite characters, but not to the point that the room would look like a showroom.


Customise Their Drawers

You can easily turn any plain set of drawers for kids into their own personal drawer by changing only one aspect of it. Making drawer knobs are easy, and you can use (or even make) figures and printed knobs to replace the drawers’ current one. Not only will it make fetching clothes and items more fun for your child but it will also add a touch of fun to the room without being overwhelming.


Decorate Their Desk Tastefully

Don’t just sprinkle their desks with every figure, frame and device that it can hold, a cluttered space can definitely make a room look more messy. Look for kids desks online with plenty of space and use decorations that mainly match in color or style, and if you need more storage space, get small stationery baskets or jars for them to go into.


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Get Them A Sofa

Perfect for storytime, sleepovers and even just reading time, a small childrens sofa will be ideal for them to have an extra place to relax in their room just for leisure time and naps without having to disrupt their bed. Less bed making will always make everyone happy. Make sure that the sofa matches the style and color of the room, too.


Once you’ve made these subtle but highly effective changes, without taking much more space you can truly upgrade your kids’ bedroom to the next level.

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