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How to Make Small Spaces Feel Large

Bay White 1/07/2015

Even the smallest space can seem vast if used correctly. By making the most of every inch and using clever tactics to maximise the room’s potential, you can turn poky into palatial. With just a few simple and elegant touches, a smaller lounge room can feel just right.

Use the whole room

Every room has eight corners and by maximising the vertical space you will find you have ample room for your artwork, books, and more. Using shelves and hanging fixtures, you will be not only find a spot for all your things, you will also draw the eye upwards, making the room feel larger. You could also hang your curtains from the ceiling, which will add impact to the room and, again, draw attention upwards.

Lighten things up

Light is an important factor in ensuring your room looks and feels spacious. In addition to having lamps and fixtures that illuminate effectively, your windows should be unobscured. This means making sure that the curtains don’t hang inside the frame when they are open and completely clear the edge, maximising the amount of glass exposed to the room and the sun outside.

Including mirrors and glass in your space will help to reflect light and give the illusion of space. Dark wooden coffee tables and furniture will absorb light, so replace them with pieces that include glass to maximise the brightness of the room. Positioning mirrors and hanging art in glass frames will also help the room feel more expansive.

Fit the furniture to the space

Be smart with your storage and invest in lounge furniture with hidden spaces included, such as coffee tables, and use modular shelving systems for tighter integration. Having ample storage and hidey-holes will help to keep things to hand, without cluttering the room and making it appear messy and jumbled.
When selecting your furniture, stick to square shaped furniture to maintain a sense of clean lines. Also, choose a few larger pieces rather than many small ones, this will prevent the room from feeling jumbled. Armless chairs and streamlined furniture is preferable, as large, over-stuffed couches and chairs will poorly utilise the space.

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