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How to Make the Most of Your Spare Bedroom

Taniya Percy 13/07/2015

You want a room for your painting. He wants a room for his bar and vintage record collection. Your eldest moves out and suddenly there’s this alluring empty space just waiting for you to plant your flag on and claim as your own. Instead of engaging in a passive aggressive tug-of-war and subtly changing the spare room around when your significant other isn’t looking – proving to your children just how long you’ve been waiting for them to finally move out – use your space wisely to keep everybody happy.

Life is full of compromises

If you find yourself with a spare bedroom or a scarcely used dining room, don’t let it go to waste, make the most of it with a room that benefits the entire family. There are many wonderful ideas to consider when tackling the conundrum of what to do with that extra space (such a third world problem, I know). Just a few ideas include:

• A reading room
• Games room/entertainment area
• Kids play centre
• Art studio
• Man cave (with bar of course)
• Relaxation/yoga area
• Kitchenette

Then of course, you have to consider a spare bed for when the family and in-laws come to visit!

Get creative with your interior design

It’s all about maximising your space and working with what you’ve got. Sofa beds are great for providing a fold away sleeping space which can also double as a place to sit, read or relax. If your spare room has a spacious cupboard, transform it into a private bar with a small refrigerator and shelving for all your finest bottles. Shut the cupboard doors again and voila – bar be gone!
Use your wall space strategically and set yourself up with a mounted wall to ceiling bookshelf for your private collection of paperbacks and favourite volumes. If reading’s not your style, perhaps a wall mounted TV to entertain the kids whilst the grownups drink in the lounge would be more appealing.

Everybody gets a day

Forgo the territorial disputes over who gets to use the spare room when and set up a schedule that allows everybody in the house to make the most of the room on a given day. Keep the floor space clear and invest in storage crates or a furniture pieces with enough storage to cater to everybody’s hobbies and interests. A toy box for the kids, space for your yoga mats, draws for paints and brushes, or a foldout table for grandad to work on his model ships.

Make smart purchases

Shop around for the specific furniture that suits your space and you could find yourself with a multifunctional room that’s part hobby shop, part bar, part entertainment centre and part spare bedroom.

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