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How To Personalise Your Bar To Resemble Your Tastes

Zaina Parekh 15/08/2016

Is that nook in your living room bothering you? You look around and everything is setup perfectly, you’ve transformed it from a house to a home, but that one corner just keeps staring at you and reminding you that it’s incomplete. You want to do something with it, but can’t think of anything that would fit in there that would complement the rest of the living space?

Have you considered a mini home bar? It sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. Here are a few things you could possibly consider.


Re-use The Furniture Left In Your Garage Or Go Shopping For Something Affordable

All you need is a simple 3-tier shelf, a vintage looking chest drawer, or even a movable trolley tray. Bring it out of the storage, clean it up and set it up in the nook. If you really can’t find something you like in your garage, check the op-shops or other relatively cheaper retailers. You are bound to find that perfect rack.


Fill The Rack With A Plethora Of Alcohol

A lot of people tend to stock up their bars with as much variety as they can. More often than not, never actually opening half the bottles. Stock your bar with your favourite spirits, wines, liqueurs, bitters and flavours. Don’t forget to optimize on Duty Free shopping when travelling internationally. Those make for some of the best collectors items.

Also don’t forget some of the most basic tools!

  • Glassware: Whiskey Glasses, Wine Glasses, Martini Glasses - Whatever you’re into.
  • A few measuring tools to make sure those drinks don’t end up becoming too big
  • Knives, Bar Spoons and Stirrers, to add to the entire experience
  • Shaker and Strainer, so every drink is as smooth as it can be


Keep It Cool..

The best part about going to a bar and having a drink is that it’s always the perfect temperature. The chill in the drink somehow makes it taste that much better. With little effort, you can have that at home too. Get a black bar fridge to go with your fully stocked vintage looking bar and never have to worry about your drink not being “cool enough”.

Are you one of those who drinks their spirits neat, on the rocks, with a twirl? You may not need a bar fridge, but an alternative to that would be a small wine fridge. A glass of perfectly chilled wine (since you control the temperature) at the end of the day doesn’t sound all that bad does it?


Before you know it, that nook will become your favourite spot in your living room. It may even cut costs of constantly going out for a drink! Make the staring stop and deck up that nook.

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