How To Plan a Beautiful Spring Garden

Brooke Lindsay 5/08/2016

It won’t be long before the snow starts melting away and Spring is here. Spring is the perfect time to start growing, digging and watching your garden go into full bloom. Winter is the perfect time to start planning how you want your garden to look in Spring and how you’re going to maintain and care for your garden.

During Spring most gardeners spend most of their time weeding their garden, watering and helping your plants grow. That’s why it is important to use your winter to plant trees, shrubs, seeds and bulbs. Here are some planning tips for creating a blooming gorgeous spring garden!

Choose what you want to grow

What kind of garden do you want to grow? There is a range of gardens you can create whether it be a vegetable garden, herb garden of a beautiful flower garden. Think about what flowers you want to be blooming and at what time of the year, how often they bloom and how much upkeep they will require. It’s your garden so think about the colours you like and get creative.

Quick tip: Start off small. Especially if this is your first time creating a garden. It is better to succeed and have everything under control, rather than setting yourself up for failure.

Choose where you want to grow

When it comes to where you’re going to start gardening/planting, there are a few things to consider. Nearly all plants need at least 5-6 hours of sun, so you will need to plant your garden somewhere where it’s going to get plenty of sun. If you don’t get enough sun in your yard, don’t worry, there are plenty of plants and flowers that can tolerate the shade.

You also want to plan how your garden is going to be regularly watered. It’s important your garden has access to water without having to drag your hose to the other side of the garden. Chances are you won't be bothered watering it, that’s why installing a water pump is a great idea! You can find water pumps for sale online to suit your gardening needs. Water pumps can be a very helpful gardening tool for plants care.

Clear the ground

When gardening you want to start with a clean slate, there are a number of power tools that can get the job done quickly like an electric lawn mower and brush cutters for sale online. They will whip your overgrown winter garden into shape so you’ll be planting and gardening in no time! They are also great for whipping your lawn into shape as well.

An electric hydraulic log splitter is perfect if you have large logs that need clearing in your yard. If you want to get a head start on your garden, then these are also going to be great for creating firewood during winter.

Make your own compost

This could be a great time to start composting! A good compost is an affordable way to keep weeds out and water and nutrients in the soil. Start creating a compost pile now so that once your garden starts blooming you can fertilise your garden with your very own compost. It’s an affordable way to grow your garden, it’s also great for the environment!

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