How To Please the β€œPicky” Little Ones: Birthday Presents 101

Zaina Parekh 10/08/2016

Birthdays are everyone’s favourite days (well, their own birthdays specifically) - especially for children. The birthday parties, the special customized cakes, the balloons, the clowns, the games, but most important of all THE BIRTHDAY PRESENTS! It’s almost okay even if you don’t show up to their birthday celebration, as long as you send across a present, or drop by the day before or after and drop it off.

With so many birthday’s coming up and so many children to please, it becomes difficult to come up with innovative birthday present options all the time - funnily enough, we always try to think of something new, without realising that the most old-school, most obvious options are always the best to go with.

Remote Control Toys for Boys

Kids these days have become very picky, and very vocal about it too! It is very difficult to please them and find the perfect gift. With boys however, one thing that always works is remote controlled toys.

Even with that, there used to be certain options to choose from, these days, there are a hundred and more varieties of remote controlled toys to choose from! We have the old-schooled, rc cars, which then grew in range with different brands, trucks, convertibles and more. Then came in the rc helicopters and airplanes (like the different variations in cars weren't enough) and now we have drones which further include quadcopters, hexacopters and the like. This is both good and bad! Bad because there is so much to choose from, good because there is so much to choose from. As long as you get a boy a remote control toy, he’ll be happy. Having said that, you can’t get every boy the same toy! Rotate them around, get one of each for each one, and see them jump with joy.

Yummy In My Tummy - Pretend Shopping And Cooking Sets For Girls

It’s the oldest phenomenon that a little girl watches her mom or grandma in the kitchen and wants to help, but can’t because she’s still young and tends to increase the work as compared to decreasing it. Getting her her very own pretend cooking set will make her day. With these too, you have a variety of options to choose from. You can get baking sets (ones with actual mini ovens that bake mini cupcakes) or induction cooking sets with little pots and pans (that barely hold anything but creates the mood), tea sets (so then can make their own tea and act like mummy) and shopping cart and grocery sets - for those young girls who love the supermarket. Again, rotate them amongst the girls and watch them all come together and make you a pretty meal all by themselves.

Stop racking your brains for new innovate ideas and don’t be afraid to go old-school with presents, they’ve proven to always work and bring you thank you notes!

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